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Nov 17, 2015  After years, you may still feel the urge to play those Super Game VCD 300 games. So in this 'How To In. Skip navigation Sign in. Download 600 Super Game VCD Games here, (Includes all in. This is Chinese edition of Super Game VCD 300. You can find download links at

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I just get here to ask, did anyone knows 'Super Game VCD 300'? This is from where i beginned my gaming adventure, this one was really important though.

If not this one i would probably have no respect for 80' games. It had classics like Contra, Super Mario Bros. Battle City, Jackal, Rockman, Bomberman, Wrecking Crew and hell more.

I'm curious also about that, everyone has red one, but i have blue one O_o Nobody probably didn't heard about this one. But maybe, i will find someone. I would just want to know did there are people that played it, and knows story from where is this or something. For every reply i'm thankful! Yeah, i know, there were much more games, and also, i was kind surprised when i saw Metal Gear on the list in the video. I didn't knowed that i had access to this classic!

I'm really fan on Metal Gear series since i played Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater on PS2, which is, without doubt, the best game i've EVER player. I have some feelings like i played Metal Gear maybe. But well, that's one of those childhood secrets that you can't solve. By the way, thanks for the information, i was surprised why many people had red one, because i had an blue one.

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