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Book Details • Publisher: ( 2013) • File Size: 69.5 MiB • CCIE Data Center Technology Lab Online Workbook INE’s CCIE Data Center Technology Lab Workbook is an online interactive compilation of hands-on lab scenarios that walk you through the technologies used in Cisco’s modern Data Center architecture. Whether you are preparing for the CCIE Data Center Lab Exam, have an upcoming implementation project with Cisco’s Nexus switches or Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS), or simply want to gain hands-on experience with these cutting-edge technologies, this workbook is for you. The tasks in this workbook are all individually focused advanced technology labs that present topics in an easy-to-follow, goal-oriented, step-by-step approach. Every scenario features detailed breakdowns and thorough verifications to help you completely understand the technology. The workbook is subdivided into two sections, Nexus Technology Labs and UCS Technology Labs. Century gothic kirillica mac. Nexus Technology Labs This section of the workbook focuses on Data Center Ethernet Switching and Data Center Storage Switching. Hardware platforms covered in this section include the Cisco Nexus 7000 Switches, Nexus 5000 Switches, Nexus 2000 Fabric Extenders, and MDS 9200 SAN Switches.

Technologies covered in this section include Virtual Port Channels (vPC), Fabric Extension (FEX), Overlay Transport Virtualization (OTV), FabricPath, SAN Switching, and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) just to name a few. Click to see full outline of the Nexus Labs » UCS Technology Labs This section of the workbook focuses on Unified Computing, Network Virtualization, and Application Networking. Hardware platforms covered in this section include the Cisco UCS 6200 Fabric Interconnects (FI), UCS B5108 Blade Server Chassis, UCS C Series Rack Mount Servers, MDS 9200 SAN Switches, Nexus 1000v Virtual Switch, and ACE 4710 Application Control Engine. Brownpup21, RbnChamp, zealsi, ffekrazad, jayuCCIE, blakpoet, pablolemos, delux, knet, mahipihu, aghmaghm, chirag421, moketan, dringagomes, deepakbansod, pavannav, kbprasoon, mvedasto, Tendlya, jashimccie, mamot, mjams000, sursurya, salamibashirub, aytimk, levent, CRACKCCIE1, NYINYIMIN, datalink79, nkeerthu, chacheguns, shakku, waletechniques, ccpass2013, cciesuper, twisteregy, shoot4astar2004, routerfreak, xcaliber, MElsam, evergreenjoe85, bookup, cciiee, RIZWAN786, casanuuit, Pigazuco, mahmoudCCIE, baraniccna, sanibm74, mr8800, rdefrei1, vitthal.


Q1 No 10 No 30 Ospf: no passive interface Dhcp: change to infinite because lease is short Q2 SW 111: ospf cost is 100 It deleted Q3 This problem did not go well. TE will succeed by changing origin. However, the displayed AS-path was not displayed My result was that the AS number of the third hop was 19999. But the question was AS number 65002. Q4 the content of BGP was that it did not touch. I changed the route by setting the OSPF cost of R20 Lo 0 is 0 to 100. Q5 R60 subnet is different.

/ 32 / 24 Q6 VLAN 111 was not advertised to OSPFv 3 by SW 111. Q7 The process ID of OSPF was different for R1 Lo 0. In R 10 ospf external was 19. It changed to 201. There were things I was wasted in in ignoring. There was a router with mpls ldp router-id lo 0 and mpls label protocol ldp set in R1 - R6, and a router not configured. The route-target imports its own export I was worried about changing.

However, it was described as separete 2 faults in the problem sentence, and traceroute was the result that was requested and I ignored it. Q8 SW 300/301: vlan 2000 & 2001 ip dhcp relay information trust SW 310: ip arp inspection Dhcp: change to infinite because lease is short Q9 Ospf network type is change Q 10 Nat pool was set up. I set up the ip nat outside source static Command on R24 and R25 and it was able to telnet. DIAG H3++ same as spoto solutions CFG H1+ same. TS1 1 - ACL on SW1 2- ppp and chap config on R17 3- R22 interface was not in OSPF, some problem on R5 4- very simple, just R12 with a shut interface 5- always takes me forever.