20 Minute Warm Up Routine For Tuba Pdf

Instructional Film in English by Jon Welch & Son Nguyen (ca. 54 Minutes; Download Only). Available in the Online Store at www.jonwelchmusic.com.

This film documents Michael himself teaching his '20 Minute Warm-Up Routine' trombone book during a workshop at the International Trombone Festival in Aarhus, Denmark in June of 2009. Listen to and play along with Michael as he discusses the primary concepts of sound, time and pitch and explains his extremely important and fundamental L.E.A. Approach to music performance: Listen - Evaluate - Adjust! This one-hour session features 13 of the 15 exercises (incl.

Corresponding playbacks!) found in Michael's '20 Minute Warm-Up Routine' book, initially performed and commented upon by the author himself. Michael is a student of the Remington school of trombone warm-ups (he attended the Eastman School and studied with Dr. John Marcellus) and this method represents his furthering of these concepts, placing them in a contemporary and accompanied, groove-oriented setting.

Tuba Warm-Ups (for Bb Tuba). Please Note: These Warm-ups are not of my creation, but instead are a compilation of ideas. The 20 minute 'Level 3' warm-up. Instructional Film in English by Jon Welch & Son Nguyen (ca. 54 Minutes; Download Only). Available in the.

Take part in Michael Davis' ITF Workshop as if you were there with him and spice up your daily 20 minute warm-up routine playing along with Michael Davis yourself! After this one hour 'private' lesson, any warm-up questions you might have had will have been thoroughly answered and you will profit immensely from the tips and tricks Michael imparts along the way. You now have your very own Michael Davis 'New York Style' warm-up!

When you're talking about New York trombonists, it's hard not to mention Michael Davis. He's one of the busiest freelancers in the city, active in commercial recording, Broadway shows and top-scale concert and session work. He also tours regularly with the Rolling Stones and is an accomplshed Jazz soloist. But Michael is not only an accomplished performer. He is also a prolific music publisher and educator. One area that his publishing company, Hip-Bone Music, specializes in is realistic and hands-on educational material for beginning and intermediate players. His warm-up and etude books always include a play-along CD for a maximum, realistic musical experience and feature a broad range of contemporary styles and grooves.

Don't forget to also check out his excellent brass recordings (featuring many industry heavyweights) and his professional level arrangements and compositions, all available at Hip-Bone Music, Michael is a quintuple threat: performer, composer, arranger, producer and music educator!

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Item Details Includes play-along CD recorded by Gene Pokorny. The 20 Minute Warm-Up Routine is a dynamic, comprehensive set of 15 exercises and 15 play-along tracks that will both warm you up and work you out. This routine will absolutely energize your practice routine.

It gives you the opportunity to play along with and emulate four of the world's finest brass players. Whether it's Phil Smith on trumpet, Chris Komer on french horn, Michael Davis on trombone or Gene Pokorny on tuba, the 20 Minute Warm-Up gives you examples to strive for in a fresh and innovative way. We highly recommend using both this routine and the more fundamental 15 Minute Warm-Up Routine. Includes book and play-along CD. Includes 9ths, chromatic 4ths, the 5th connections, interval attacks, octave flex, extended slurs.

'.way more than 'routine'! A terrifically conceived sequence of warm-ups that build a solid path right into your playing day.and it's FUN!' -- Sam Pilafian, Professor of Tuba/Euphonium, Arizona Statement University, founding member, Empire Brass Quintet 'An invaluable addition to anyone's library.from student to top professional. Warming up does not have to be boring, lonely or stale anymore. This routine brings new challenges, new skills and new life to your practice sessions.' -- Erik Ralske, New York Philharmonic Faculty, Manhattan school of music (French Horn).

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