Honi Anhoni Old Doordarshan Serial

Vote for best Doordarshan Serial of old times. Saas bahu serial are so much away from reality. Initially for a while they were ok but the only way. Aap Beeti- Anhonee Superhit Hindi Serial Aatma Ki Khaniyan Sunny Films ⏬Aap Beeti. Doordarshan old ads and title songs of s. -HONI-ANHONI--Short STORY about life,Inspirational story,Motivational story,PRERAK KAHANIYA.

This write-up is like a nostalgic trip down the memory lane when apart from the movie world the only visual entertainment source we had was the Doordarshan. Before the Cable Revolution arrived in India around 1991, every person in a household had his own favourite serial as per their choices and they all used to sit glued to the small screen at their fixed times and week-days. But the best (or sad) part is that the most of the below mentioned serials still remain the pioneer masterpieces in their different genres and that’s why the Home Video market is rightly bringing them all back in the form of DVDs. So let’s go back in our golden days of Television Entertainment reading all these famous serial titles. Aur Bhi Gham Hain Zamane Mein (Drama) (Most of the friends here may not have heard of it but this is the first serial I can recall watching on Doordarshan in the late 70s or the early 80s.) 2. Air Hostess (Drama) 3. Ados Pados (Comic Family Drama) 4.

Apradhi Kaun (Mystery/Detective Serial) 5. Bharat Ek Khoj (Historical / Mythological) (Available on Home Video) 6.

Buniyaad (Drama) 7. Byomkesh Bakshi (Detective Serial) (Available on Net but awaited on Home Video) 8. Barrister Vinod (Crime/Detective Serial) 9. Bahadur Shah Zafar (Available on Home Video) 10. Chitrahaar (Weekly presentation of new & old songs) 11.


Circus (Drama/Comedy) 12. Dada Dadi Ki Kahaniyaan (Children/Educative/Fantasy Tales) 13.

Ek Do Teen Chaar (Children Mystery/Detective Serial) 14. Fauji (Drama) (Available on Home Video) 15. Flop Show (Comedy) (Available on Home Video) 16. Hum Log (Drama) 17.

Honi Anhoni (Based on Supernatural Stories) 18. Idhar Udhar (Comedy) 19. Kachhi Dhoop (Drama) (Available on Home Video) 20. Kahan Gaye Woh Log (Historical) 21. Kakaji Kahin (Social-Political Comedy) 22. Katha Sagar (Drama - Literature) (Available on Home Video) 23.

Karamchand (Detective Serial) 24. Khandaan (Drama) 25. Kiley Ka Rehasya (Suspense/Horror) 26. Ladoo Singh Taxi Wala (Comedy/Drama) 27. Moughli (Based on Jungle Book) (Children) (Available on Home Video) 28. Mahabaharat (Mythological) (Available on Home Video) 29. Malgudi Days (Comedy – Drama - Literature) (Available on Home Video) 30.

Mirza Ghalib (Poetry – Drama - Historical) (Available on Home Video) 31. Yogi (Drama/Comedy) 32.

(Drama/Comedy) 33. Mungerilaal Ke Haseen Sapne (Comedy) 34. Mulla Nasruddin (Naseeruddin) (Comedy) 35.

Nukkad (Comedy/Drama) (Available on Home Video) 36. Phool Khile Hain Gulshan Gulshan (Celebrity Interviews) 37.

Rajni (Social Drama) 38. Ramayan (Mythological) (Available on Home Video). A warm welcome to all friends with a loving invitation to read my personal expressions on movies, music, poetry and life. Music, Movies and Books are like EARS and EYES to me, and if you also feel the same, then you are sure going to find many interesting articles in the different sections of the site worth your precious time and attention. If possible, do share your valuable comments and suggestions too, as they would be my guide for all the future projects and write-ups continuing on the path of learning.

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