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PCMag reviews products, but we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. The ebook pricing wars are (in theory) over, but who won? Probably not the consumers, who expected lower prices or a magic price point of $9.99.

LEE CHILD is a #1 bestselling author worldwide. His debut novel, Killing Floor, won two awards for best first mystery and was nominated for two more. Foreign rights in the Jack Reacher series have been sold in ninety-five countries. Killing floor lee child site.epub. Hi, Here is the [Jack Reacher Novel Series.](bluesimageart.com Jack_Reacher) > Jack Reacher is a fictional MEGA links found.

The found that ebook sales dipped after publishers hashed out a deal that let them avoid ebook discounts on sites like Amazon. We're here to help you, the readers. Maybe not the readers who think $2.99 or even 99 cents is too much for a book. They need a stern lecture about how costs are not simply about digital distribution—there are editors and artists and authors who need to be paid to keep this whole literature thing going. However, we do want readers to read, even the latest from the big-name publishing houses. There are plenty of new, modern out there available for free or damn close. Here are some options to try, from subscription services to a method that's as old as the book itself: libraries.

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Subscription Services Oyster was one of the first ebook subscription services. But after only a few years of trying to be the 'Netflix of Books,' it in early 2016.

So did the similar Entitle. Their most direct competition was, and it's still in business.

It's come a long way from simply being a hosting site for documents. Now, instead of unlimited access to everything Scribd has to offer for $8.99 per month (after a 14-day free trial), members only get unlimited access to Scribd Selects, a rotating collection of books and audiobooks, each month, plus three books and one audiobook of your choice from Scribd's full library of books, audiobooks, comics, documents, and sheet music. (Why did it do so?.) Speaking of comic books, Marvel has its own unlimited digital comic book service,, which is priced at $9.99 a month (or $69 a year). For that you can access over 17,000 back issues, saving and reading up to 12 comics at a time on a smartphone or tablet running.

The apps are powered by Comixology's smart panel-by-panel reading, which is a vastly better reading experience than comics on Scribd (especially on a smartphone rather than a tablet). Chances are slim you'll find any Marvel book on Scribd that isn't here—but Scribd's to just Marvel. (For more on Marvel Unlimited and other digital comics options, read.). Not to be outdone, Amazon launched a competitor called. For $9.99 a month (after 30-day free trial) you get access to 1 million titles on all Kindle devices/apps to read as much as you want. It also extends to some audiobooks, and the audio and text can sync to the last place you listened/read using its Whispersync for Voice feature.

It also works with supported books on the Amazon-owned Audible.com app—you just have to find books that say 'Kindle Unlimited with narration' in the blurb. The problem is, Amazon's relationship with the big five publishers is so bad, you don't get much of a selection. Amazon also has a for those who 1) own a Kindle or Fire Tablet (it doesn't work on the Kindle apps) and 2) subscribe to Amazon Prime, the $99-per-year service that offers up free two-day shipping and unlimited streaming of Amazon Video; it supposedly has about 300,000 titles. Finding a complete listing on the Kindle itself is doable, but not on the Web. Here's a to the Lending Library. Click categories on the left to narrow the selection. Click on the book description and confirm that it says Prime Borrow for Free—you'll still need to go back to your Kindle device to grab it for the borrow period.

You can borrow one book per calendar month. There's another for Amazon Prime members:. For no extra cost (other than that $99/year) you can read from a selection of about 1,000 books and periodicals for free. Most of them are older and feel like they're tantalizing you into buying more; why else would the only Harry Potter book available be the first one? There are a few Kindle Singles (essentially short novels or stories that used to cost a few cents), travel books, even some classics like The Hobbit and The Essential Calvin & Hobbes. Some other book 'rental' services you could try include, with 500,000 titles you can read on their mobile app for $4.99 per month (minus new additions and bestsellers—that tier costs $8.99 per month); or, which actually ships you physical books or CDs for audio, much like DVDs from Netflix.

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It starts at $8.99 a month for two paperbacks per month, up to $54.99 per month for an unlimited number of paperbacks (though you can only take out 15 at a time). The problem with almost all of these services is the lag time between the release of the book (or audiobook or comic book) and getting it digitally. It could be months, sometimes years. How do you get the newer stuff without making a purchase? Like you used to in the pre-digital age: go to the library. OverDrive and Your Own Public Library The subscription services above are one thing, but even with a million books, that's paltry compared to of '2 million premium digital titles from more than 5,000 publishers.'