Transformers Prime All Episodes In Hindi Download

Tranformers: Prime chronicles the triumphant return of the Autobots via the most cutting-edge computer-generated animation ever seen on television. Transformers: Prime deepens the epic mythology of both the Autobots and Decipticons, while starting fresh for a new generation of viewers and future fans.Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Arcee, Ratchet, Bulkhead, and many others are back to “roll out” against Megatron’s latest attempt to conquer Earth.

And Megatron proves to be more powerful than ever, having acquired a rare element that allows him mastery over life itself. ‘Team Prime’ may be few against the Decipticons hordes, but they find increased strength via bonds forged with three human teenagers. Make no mistake, Tranformers: Prime Willdeliver heavy metal action, and nail-biting suspense — but it also promises to take the human drama to levels as yet unseen by the franchise. In Jasper, Nevada, three young humans, Jack Darby, Miko Nakadai, and Rafael Esquivel, are accidentally caught in the crossfire in a fight between enormous robots that transform into vehicles. They are taken to the base of the heroic Autobots, where their leader Optimus Prime explains that he and his team are from the planet Cybertron. As it turns out, the Autobots had a devastating war against the ruthless Megatron and his followers, the Decepticons long ago on Cybertron.

Roll out with Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Arcee, Ratchet, Bulkhead, and the rest of the heroic Autobots as they battle the evil Decepticons. Now that big bad.

While this is going on, Megatron returns from a three-year-long exile in deep space, bringing with him Dark Energon, a substance able to revive the dead and he sets out to raise an army of the undead and conquer Earth. In the conclusion to Darkness Rising, Megatron is seen in front of the Space Bridge waiting for his army of the undead to come through it; however, the Space Bridge explodes, and Megatron is seen no more. During this mini-series, Arcee’s partner, Cliffjumper is killed in the first episode, setting the tone for the series.

In Jasper, Nevada, three young humans—Jack Darby, Miko Nakadai and Rafael Esquivel—are accidentally caught in the crossfire in a fight between giant, mechanical aliens that transform into ordinary vehicles. The three kids are taken to the base of the Autobots, where the Autobot leader Optimus Prime explains that he and his team are a race of autonomous robotic organisms from the far-off planet Cybertron, and they are fighting over their life-source, Energon, with the Decepticons, with whom they once had a war. The Decepticon leader Megatron returns from a three-year exile with a plan to exploit the properties of a mysterious substance called “Dark Energon”, which has the ability to turn the bodies of dead Transformers into zombies. The Autobots storm an Energon mine in search of their lost comrade Cliffjumper, only to discover that his dead body has been revived as a ravenous zombie by Dark Energon. After Megatron’s supposed death during the explosion that destroyed the Decepticons’ Space Bridge, Starscream assumes his master’s leadership.

But Megatron is found barely alive in the wreckage of the Space Bridge. Megatron remained in stasis for a portion of the first season until he returned to power. New characters are introduced such as Bulkhead’s best friend, Wheeljack, a former member of a group of Autobots called Wreckers, Silas, leader of a group of human villains known as MECH, and the Decepticons known as Skyquake, Makeshift, Knock Out, Breakdown, and Airachnid. At the end of the season, the Autobots form an uneasy alliance with Megatron when Earth is threatened by an ancient enemy from the past called Unicron the Chaos Bringer.


With the power of the Matrix of Leadership, Earth is saved from Unicron’s dark powers. But there comes a price. Electric sound chadabe pdf. When Optimus surrenders the Matrix, he loses more than the collective wisdom of the Primes.

He loses his own memory of his life as a Prime and reverts to his original identity of Orion Pax. Following Megatron’s supposed death, Starscream appoints himself as the new Decepticon leader.

However, to his annoyance, he finds that the troops don’t respect him as much as they did Megatron and are weary towards him becoming leader. In order to gain their respect, Starscream awakens Skyquake, a legendary Decepticon warrior who was entombed in stasis on Earth for centuries, and attempts to recruit him into his new army. Meanwhile, Ratchet agrees to help Jack, Miko and Rafael with their school science projects, with explosive results.