Kellogg American Air Compressor Manual

Kellogg-American is a globally recognized manufacturer of industrial air compressors and air compressor pumps and components. Our products are used in manufacturing plants, automotive tire & repair shops, and by construction crews and tradesman around the world.

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I have an old compressor that my Dad bought used in 1958, I think. He used it daily until he died in 1991. He had a Garage.

Then, as thangs happen, my compressor got a problem and instead of fixin mine, I got my Dad's. I, also, had a Garage. It is still used daily since I've had it even though I have been retired 10 years. I never gave it much thought till it stopped running a week ago. The nameplates say: Pump to Tank Mounting Plate: American Brake Shoe Company Kellogg Model # B 321 B Serial # B291557 Plate [small] on Compessor: Model # 321 Serial # B291557 Decal [small & faded] below compressor plate: American Brake-Shoe I took the motor to a friend who does electric motor repair for a living.

He said the motor looked like brand new, other than dirt dobber nests. He cleaned it good and gave it back to me. When I got it home and all back together it still would not run. At this point I started checking voltage. One leg of the pressure switch had no voltage from the line wire to the motor wire. I removed the pressure switch and disassembled, just cause I wanted to.


Found a bug under one terminal of the points. I am pretty sure the pressure switch is/was the problem. I think it will work now, but I have not got the switch back on the tank. The pressure switch has Furnas, Batavia, Illinois on the top. The nameplate (decal) is not legible.

It came on the compressor when it was new. It has an original unloader valve on the side of the switch that has been disconnected for years. From the information, I listed above can anyone tell me the HP, single or two stage, CFM, and year model? Did you get it to run? I rebuilt mine about 4 years ago it's slow but works fine.

I opened my e-mail to see if there was a notification from here nd low & behold there was this. The compressor is outside under a lean-to. The pressure gauge is inside. So, I need to rig a gauge outside and then set the regulator. I also need to set the unloader valve. Can anyone explain how to set the unloader valve?

I let it run fer a pretty good while with the water valve open. It had plenty of water. The valve is not on the bottom, it is on the side of the tank.

The valve has a tube that reaches inside and drops down near the bottom of the tank. I've set many a water well pump regulator and compressor regulators, but never one with an unloader valve mounted to the side of the regulator. Almost all of them were Square D. I am still curious about HP, single or two stage, CFM, and year model. Two piston/cylinders? Is one bigger than the other?

If they're the same size, it's a single-stage. If one is bigger, it's a two-stage. Ask your friend that rewinds motors. He held it in his hand, he ought to know. Jai shri krishna flute melodies download. Schurkey, it has two cylinders, large and small, it has two cooling tubes between the small cylinder and the flywheel (pulley). So it is a two stage pump.