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Bobby fischer my 60 memorable games pdf free download Yes, you’ll need to have DirectX 11 or higher installed to be able to play Rise of the Tomb Raider. To check which version of DirectX is installed on your device, see How to find out if a game will work on your Windows device. Have Lara send a fire arrow onto the cargo to clear the way to the tomb's treasure: a chest full of XP. Note that completion of this tomb is not necessary to get the Tombs achievement/trophy.

Loading The entrance is the mineshaft near this document location in the. If you do not have the DLC, the mineshaft is closed, and the chalk markings will not appear. The entrance of the tomb requires Lara to have at least a bow with some arrows so she can get past the first blockage.

If you have, you're better than equipped. SHOTGUN & GRENADE LAUNCHER REWARDS [ ] If Lara has the and the, she can collect a lot of extra ammunition, salvage, and experience points (from the orange supply containers). However, the stocks in the cave are not the tomb's treasure, but merely extra stuff for putting up with this DLC. Be thorough -- there's plenty of salvage in the room with the stacked crates. Once you've collected everything on the ground, look up. There are a few nets you can burn with fire arrows.

Some crates will drop and land on the beams above -- but you can just shoot them with your pistol or rifle and they'll drop down. There are also some shelves that appear out of reach. You can jump up to one of them and make it crumble to drop the loot down; the other can be taken out with a grenade or you can simply shoot down the crates to get to them. BURN POINT 1 [ ] To get to the tomb's treasure (which isn't anything special but just 150 XP), Lara has to ignite five objects to create a ramp from the aeroplane wreckage. Begin by shooting this lantern.

The ensuing fire will start things off. BURN POINT 2 [ ] Locate this cargo crane device and look for the lantern above it. Shoot that lantern as step 1. When the brazier hangs on the beam, get Lara onto it by climbing the box.

Have her move the beam (jump on it) to cause another satisfying burn. BURN POINT 3 [ ] Locate this lynched corpse and set it on fire with the lantern above it. Once the corpse is burning, push the hangman's post over with a simple 'interaction' action (the button prompt appears when Lara nears it).

BURN POINT 4 [ ] Pick up and throw a lantern onto the sheet wrapped trunk and that'll be it. FINAL BURN POINT [ ] Once all the first four points are burned, the plane breaks in half. Have Lara send a fire arrow onto the cargo to clear the way to the tomb's treasure: a chest full of XP. Note that completion of this tomb is not necessary to get the Tombs achievement/trophy.

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