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Map of Tuvalu • - the atoll with half the country's population and the capital, Fongafale • Nanumanga • Nanumea • Niulakita • Niutao • Nui • Nukufetau • Nukulaelae • Vaitupu Cities [ ] • Other destinations [ ] Get in [ ] Nationals of all states may enter Tuvalu visa-free for a maximum period of 90 days in any 180-day period. All other nationals will receive a visa on arrival, which is valid for one month. This visa is free for nationals of,, the,, the, the,, the,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the,. For all other nations, a AUD $100 fee is charged. By plane [ ] There is one international airport in Tuvalu, on the island of Funafuti. Fiji Airways flies from (originating from Nadi) in to Funafuti Tuesdays & Thursdays.

Return trip costs around 1200 Fijian Dollars including tax (535 € ) However, this is among the most unreliable flight services in the world, be prepared to wait a week or more beyond your intended departure date. Due to its monopoly status, Air Pacific has operated an unscrupulous business between Fiji and Tuvalu, now that Air Fiji (which was partly owned by the Tuvaluan Government) no longer operates. By boat [ ] Get around [ ] There is one main road in Funafuti in addition to the runway, which is used for recreational purposes when landings are not scheduled. Motorbike is the best way to explore the island some costing roughly $10.00 per day. The other islands are only accessible by boat.

Talk [ ] English is the language of government and of most business on Funafuti, but Tuvaluan predominates on the outer islands. Samoan and Kiribati, although not the official languages, are spoken as well. See [ ] [ ] Tuvalu is not a destination for those in search of spectacular sightseeing opportunities. The island nation is not only small, it also lacks any city-like destination or architectural heritage.

There are no hills or mountain ranges, no rivers or gorges. And yet, it is a delightful Pacific destination, where your time is well spent in the shade of a palm trees on one of the pretty beaches. Traditional local culture remains very much alive, making the people of Tuvalu one of the nation's best assets.

Traditional dancing is performed on special occasions, and the local 'maneapa' (the town hall) is your best chances of experiencing one. The Funafuti Conservation Area on the western side of the atoll has some of the best natural sights, and includes reefs, the gorgeous lagoon, channel, parts of the ocean and islands habitats.