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What is a Wedding Photo Album? The days, when wedding books were made as usual photo albums, when photographs have to be inserted into special “pockets” or glued, are gone long ago. Besides, all these operations caused an irreparable harm to the photographs, and the outside appearance of such an album left much to be desired, without mentioning any signs of design. Classical photo albums were replaced by Photo Albums (also called Photo Books). A Photo Album differs from a usual photo album in that the photos are typographically printed directly on pages and then are compiled into a book with a book binding. Advantages of a Wedding Photo Album • Freedom in decoration and a unique design.

The photographs are placed on pages in the most advantageous way, not only representing the story of your day in a chronological order, but the entire book represents a ready, completed product, pleasant to keep in hands. • Heavy sheets on a plastic basis, which practically cannot be damaged, torn, crumpled, etc. The pages can’t fall out and get lost.

• It’s nothing like several hundreds of digital images on a hard disk, but a complete product pleasant to touch, to look at and to show to your friends. It holds the best photographs of your wedding. • You cannot be sure that in 50 years of technology development your children and grandchildren would be able to look through your digital photos, and the photographs printed separately can be worn out because of fragility of the material. It is much easier to keep a Photo Album and to pass over from generation to generation.

• A wide choice of covers. You can order a book with a cover made of high quality faux leather material, textile, with a magnificent leather binding, metal cover design and a variety of other options.

• Easy to replicate. You can order copies of Photo Albums or books of a smaller format for your parents, guests and friends. Disadvantages of a Wedding Photo Album • I suppose, there is only one disadvantage. The price and the time to wait. The cost of a Photo Album in comparison with usual printing of the photos is high, and the design, the page layout and printing takes several weeks.

But when it is referred to one of the most long-awaited days in your life that can never be repeated and the memories about which you would like to keep forever, do these details matter? Catalogues of Covers I collaborate only with the best manufacturers of printed products, who guarantee not only the highest quality, but provide also the widest choice.