Sonar Fish Finder Df48 Manual Download Free

View and Download Humminbird HELIX 5 SONAR operation manual online. HELIX 5 SONAR Fish Finder pdf manual download. Baza danish magazine avtozapchastej. Also for: Helix 7 sonar, Helix 7 di, Helix 5 di. To ensure safety and many years of trouble-free. Manual carefully before using this product. Sonar Sensor (Transducer) with Integrated Harness and Strap.

• NOTE: The illustrations in this manual may not look the same as your product, but your unit will function in the same way. NOTE: To purchase accessories for your control head, visit our Web site at or contact Customer Service at 1-800-633-1468. • Council of 27 January 2003 on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. Down Imaging®, DualBeam PLUS™, Fish ID+™, HELIX™, HumminbirdPC™, Humminbird®, Real Time Sonar™, RTS™, RTS Window™, Structure ID™, SwitchFire®, Total Screen Update™, WhiteLine™, and X-Press™ Menu are trademarked by or registered trademarks of Johnson Outdoors Marine Electronics, Inc.

Sonar fish finder df48 manual download free download

• Note for all Menu Settings..41 User Mode (Normal or Advanced)..42 Sonar X-Press Menu Down Imaging X-Press Menu Flasher X-Press Menu Alarms Menu Tab Sonar Menu Tab Setup Menu Tab Maintenance Troubleshooting HELIX Control Head Measurements Specifications Contact Humminbird. • NOTE: Entries in this Table of Contents which list (with Speed Input) or (with Temperature Input) may require the purchase of separate accessories. You can visit our Web site at to order these accessories online or contact Humminbird Customer Service at 1-800-633-1468. • HELIX Series Introduction The HELIX Series Fishfinder is available in several different configurations. See the following list of products, all of which are covered by this manual, to find your HELIX Series model: • HELIX SONAR: Wide screen Fishfinder with DualBeam PLUS sonar. • When all the echoes are viewed side by side, an easy to interpret “graph” of the bottom, fish, and structure appears. The sound pulses are transmitted at various frequencies depending on the application.

Very high frequencies (455 kHz) are used for greatest definition but the operating depth is limited. • DualBeam PLUS Sonar (HELIX SONAR) The HELIX SONAR Fishfinder uses a 200/83 kHz DualBeam PLUS sonar system with a wide (60°) area 20˚ of coverage. DualBeam PLUS sonar has a narrowly 60˚ 200kHz focused 20° center beam, surrounded by a second beam of 60°, expanding your coverage to an area 83kHz equal to your depth. • Whether fishing in shallow or very deep water, selectable dual-frequency is ideal for a variety of conditions. NOTE: Visit our Web site at to determine which accessory transducers are compatible with your Humminbird Fishfinder, or contact Customer Service at 1-800-633-1468.

• Power On Follow the instructions below to power on your Humminbird control head. HELIX Series Title Screen 1. Press the POWER/LIGHT key.

When the Title screen is displayed, press the MENU key to access the Start-Up Options Menu. Select Normal, and press the RIGHT Cursor key. • What’s on the Control Head Your HELIX Series user interface is easy to use. A combination of keys, different views, and situation-specific, customizable menus allows you to control what you see on the color display. Refer to the following illustration and see Key Functions, Views, and The Menu System for more information.

• Key Functions Your control head consists of a set of easy-to-use keys that work with various on-screen views and menus. POWER/LIGHT Key The POWER/LIGHT key is used to power the Fishfinder on and off. You can also use the POWER/LIGHT key to adjust the backlight and contrast of the display. Power On: Press the POWER/LIGHT key to power on the unit. • MENU Key The MENU key is used to access the menu system. See The Menu System for more information. Start-Up Options Menu: Press the MENU key during the power up sequence to view the Start-Up Options menu.