Intervideo Windvr 3 For Windows 7 Free Download

What is InterVideo WinDVR? InterVideo WinDVR is a now-discontinued program that allowed computers to function like TVs: combined with a TV tuner card, it gave users the ability to watch TV programs from their PCs, and even allowed them to record programs. Furthermore, it allowed the user to automate program downloads by specifying the timeslots of the shows he wanted to record.

Intervideo Windvr 3 For Windows 7 Free Download. Newer versions also support full Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD (HD DVD support removed. InterVideo WinDVR is a commercial digital video recorder.

Provided the computer was on at the scheduled time, the program would record it without supervision. Another automated function of the software was the shutdown timer, which functioned much like shutdown timers on regular TV sets.

To help users better schedule their viewing/recording activities, the software was capable of working with an electronic programming guide (EPG). Depending on the locality, the EPG being used by the consumer could be different. For instance, while users in the UK would have used the Fast TV EPG, users in the US would have gone with TitanTV instead. The software had other features like screenshot controls, parental restrictions on channels, thumbnail views of multiple channels, and the ability to play various video disc media. The program was discontinued shortly after InterVideo’s purchase by Corel.

Intervideo Windvr 3 For Windows 7 Free Download

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