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Taipei, Taiwan, March 21, 2017 - QNAP® Systems, Inc. Today announced the new business-class desktop 16-bay Xeon® D Super NAS that supports twelve 3.5' hard drives and four 2.5' SSDs, provides six M.2 SSD slots, and features a powerful Intel® Xeon® D processor to deliver outstanding performance with high-capacity storage. Designed to optimize enterprise IT infrastructure, the TS-1685 comes with three PCIe slots that support 10GbE/40GbE NIC, PCIe NVMe SSD, graphics cards, and USB 3.1 expansion cards to provide a complete business-ready storage solution incorporating security and scalability.

The TS-1685 leverages the high-performance Intel® Xeon® D multi-core processor and up to 128 GB DDR4 RAM to reach read speeds up to 2,339 MB/s with a dual 10GbE configuration. The dedicated four 2.5' SSD slots and six M.2 SATA 6Gb/s SSD slots excel in cache acceleration, and coupled with Qtier™ Technology the TS-1685 can continuously optimize storage efficiency across M.2 SSD, SSD, high-capacity SATA drives, and the optional PCIe NVMe SSD. 'The TS-1685 is designed to incorporate both high performance and high capacity,' David Tsao, Product Manager of QNAP, adding 'Besides SSD caching and PCIe expandability, the NAS can be remarkably integrated into 10GbE/40GbE environments necessary for modern data centers. All these features make the TS-1685 a perfect choice to tackle high-bandwidth applications such as virtualization and massive data backup and recovery.' The TS-1685 supports advanced IT management functions, including the QRM+ centralized management solution for networked devices that helps IT administrators to discover, map, monitor and manage critical networked computing devices (including servers, PCs, and thin clients). QRM+ also supports IPMI 2.0 and a graphical topology diagram.

Q'center turns the TS-1685 into a centralized system for managing multiple QNAP NAS at different locations and allows for monitoring system logs, conducting maintenance and firmware updates. Not only does the high-capacity TS-1685 support mainstream virtualization environments (including VMware®, Citrix®, Microsoft® Hyper-V® and Windows Server® 2012 R2) but it can also directly host multiple virtual machines for Windows®, Linux®, UNIX® and Android™ using Virtualization Station and operate near-limitless LXC and Docker® containerized applications using Containers Station. Adobe Users can enjoy the TS-1685 as an all-in-one NAS for essential cross-platform file sharing, backup/restoration, security, and use a wide-range of QNAP's productivity-boosting apps. Qsync enables cross-devices file synchronization and team folders sync; the Qsirch full-text search engine helps quickly find files on the NAS; Qfiling automates file organization on a scheduled basis; QmailAgent allows for centrally managing multiple email accounts and IMAP servers; Notes Station provides an online note-taking tool enabling collaborative writing.

The TS-1685 also supports VPN server and client services and a professional IP surveillance system. Besides connecting up to four QNAP expansion enclosures (REXP-1000 Pro) to scale up storage capacity, the TS-1685 can also be expanded by using VJBOD (Virtual JBOD) that allows the unused storage capacity of other QNAP NAS to be mounted as local disks for shares, applications, or even creating another LUN. Key specifications.