Diablo 2 Median Xl Item Pack

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Contents • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Items The items in are broken into 6 tiers and exceptional/elite items are removed. A new category sacred is also added. They are denoted with a (1) at the end of the base item name for tier one and so on.

Diablo 2 median xl ultimative 2017 item pack

May 9, 2018 - Browse Median XL mod for Diablo II: Lord of Destruction files to. New items, and multiple changes to character skills can also be found in this. It's 20x more challenging and is not a Hero Editor or Item pack. Because Median XL mod would dominate Diablo 3 SP just like it did on D2.

Regular item breakdown Tier one is found in all vendors in all 3 difficulties Tier two starts showing up in act 2 Hatred Tier three starts showing up in act 4 Hatred Tier four starts showing up in act 1 Terror Tier five starts showing up in act 3 Terror Tier six starts showing up in act 1 Destruction Sacred Items Usage Sacred items can be used in many ways. They can be crafted, found as sets. Or even found as uniques. They all have a high level requirement and also have high strength or dexterity requirement. Sets The old sets in Diablo 2 are replaced with 29 new sets which can only be found in level 121 areas.

This includes most of the Uberlevels in Destruction. They have a level 100 requirement,have strength and dexterity requirements in the mid 400s or higher, and spawn with full sockets.

Some of them are easy to find while others are near impossible to find. Uniques There are about 100 Sacred uniques that can only be found in level 121 areas. Some of these items are even more powerful than sets. They also have a level 100 requirement and spawn with full sockets. Ethereal Uniques are a lot rarer because of the added defense or damage bonuses. But as a result they have less curability. Crafted Items There are also crafted items.

They can be made by cubing Shrines which are relics from the past with Sacred rare, set or unique items. Each shrine used has different results for the item.

It could be oriented towards fire elemental damage, Vitality, or even magic and gold find. These items come with full sockets and mystic orbs have a double effect on them.

Blessed Items In Addition any crafted item or rare/honorific sacred item can be blessed again using a shrine. To do this, cube the item with an Arcane Crystal and the given shrine. It can only be done once. Honorific Items Honorific items can also be made from any type of tiered item or sacred item.

They allow you to create items from scratch using mystic orbs. These items come with full sockets and mystic orbs have a double effect on them too. Other Items Uberlevel Items Class Charms For each character in Median XL there is a class charm for him/her. This charm can be only gotten in Kurast 3000 BA Sacred Sunstone: Amazon class charm Shadow Vortex: Assassin class charm Worldstone Orb: Barbarian class charm Caoi Dulra Fruit: Druid class charm Soulstone Shard: Necromancer class charm Eye of Divinity: Paladin class charm Nexus Crystal: Sorceress class charm Charms For each uberlevel on destruction difficulty and sometimes on lower difficulties there is a 1/6 chance that when killing a certain unique in that level a charm will drop. Charm List Trophies For each uberlevel on destruction difficulty there is a 2% chance that it will drop a trophy when killing the unique in that level. Cube the Charm with the Trophy to unlock more bonuses. Trophy List Gems There are 5 new types of gems in Median XL.

Gems overall drop less frequently in higher level areas. The easiest way to find gems is to go to Act 1 with a very small amount of Magic Find. Gems can be used in many In addition to these recipes, Gems can also be used in Gemwords which consist of a number of jewels (0-5) and a gem. The amount of jewels in the item before you socket it with a gem determines how much more of a effect it has. Example of Orbs There are two kinds of Mystic orbs. The first one can be brought from vendors and usually cost around 25,000 gold.

These can also be dropped from enemies, chests, and other clickable objects. These orbs add 2 to the item level with the desired mod. On the other hand, there are also unique mystic orbs which are a lot harder to find and add more bonuses than the regular mystic orbs. The unique mystic orbs add 10 to the item level instead. Unique Mystic Orbs Unique Mystic Orbs are best used with honorific or crafted items cause they double the bonuses added.