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Lorder says: Simply, the best survival horror game ever made! The atmosphere created between sounds and music it's enough to make your heart being at limit. Difficult puzzles to take a breath, few enemies but well placed to make your path a fighting nightmare. Awesome cinematics and easy control of the character and menu. Download ppt on space robotics. The most beautiful and useful map of this kind of games.

Chertezhi reklamnogo schita dvuhstoronnego. Bosses hard to kill at the first encounter. A perfect satanic story that takes you in anyway! These and more things makes this the best survival horror game in history. GlimpG rates this game: 5/5 In their Vacation Trip, Harry and his beloved daughter travel on road by night, tired by the driving he just dodges by seconds a teenage girl that was crossing the road. The next morning, surrounded by a mysterious fog, he realizes that the accident made him faint, and his beloved daughter is missing in a ghost town where he crashed: Silent Hill. From now on he will search for his brown-haired, 8-year-old daughter, as she is the only thing in the world that keeps him alive, facing horrors, warping beneath hell, beneath fear, beneath reality; trying to discover the mysteries that ties the town to desperation, blood, sickness, pain and loneliness, and keeps himself tied to Silent Hill.