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PowerPoint Presentation: DATE Significance Robot Name Inventor Third century B.C. And earlier One of the earliest descriptions of automata appears in the Lie Zi text, on a much earlier encounter between King Mu of Zhou (1023–957 BC) and a mechanical engineer known as Yan Shi, an 'artificer'. The latter allegedly presented the king with a life-size, human-shaped figure of his mechanical handiwork. Yan Shi First century A.D. And earlier Descriptions of more than 100 machines and automata, including a fire engine, a wind organ, a coin-operated machine, and a steam-powered engine, in Pneumatica and Automata by Heron of Alexandria Ctesibius Philo of Byzantium, Heron of Alexandria, and others c.

420 B.C.E A wooden, steam propelled bird, which was able to fly Archytas of Tarentum 1206 Created early humanoid automata, programmable automaton band [8] Robot band, hand-washing automaton, automated moving peacocks Al- Jazari 1495 Designs for a humanoid robot Mechanical knight Leonardo da Vinci 1738 Mechanical duck that was able to eat, flap its wings, and excrete Digesting Duck Jacques d Vaucanson 1898 Nikola Tesla demonstrates first radio-controlled vessel. Download spanduk sekolah gratis file cdr disini image hd. Teleautomaton Nikola Tesla 1921 First fictional automatons called 'robots' appear in the play R.U.R. Rossum's Universal Robots Karel Čapek 1930s Humanoid robot exhibited at the 1939 and 1940 World's Fairs Elektro Westinghouse Electric Corporation 1948 Simple robots exhibiting biological behaviors [11] Elsie and Elmer William Grey Waltr 1956 First commercial robot, from the Unimation company founded by George Devol and Josep Engelberger, based on Devol's patents [12] Unimate George Devol 1961 First installed industrial robot. Unimate George Devol 1973 First industrial robot with six electromechanically driven axes [13] Famulus KUKA Robot Group 1975 Programmable universal manipulation arm, a Unimation product PUMA Victor Scheinman. PowerPoint Presentation: Medical robots - Robots used in medicine and medical institutions. First and foremost - surgery robots.

About Space Robotics Robot is a system with a mechanical body, using computer as its brain. Integrating the sensors and actuators built into the mechanical body, the motions are realised with the computer software to execute the desired task.

Also, some automated guided vehicles and maybe lifting aides. There seems to be high risk of difficulties in most of the surgeries and some times there are chances for mortality. Halid ziya ushakligilj zapretnaya lyubovj knigu md. Hence, most of the scientists and doctors made various researches in order to make the surgeries safe and secure.