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The cultivated genre for rastafarian brotherhood, straight from Africa comes one of the most beloved and caring for human and life musical genre, since it is really popular and it has great vibe and melodies it can be incorporated into many electronic genres with pretty much guaranteed success, we have enjoyed and seen many drum and bass tracks with elements of reggae samples so, why not fill them samplers with music production tools for extra creative producers who enjoy experimenting with genres. Reggae sample packs include high quality sampled instruments and well as exotic drum and percussion instrument which can be used as a great base for reggae tracks sounding like the legendary artists in the past.

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Loopmasters present Irievibrations - Modern Roots Reggae, a soulful collection of Dub infused sounds to spark up the sound system and light up the dancehall! A selection of free Reggae samples from Roots Revival. This free Reggae sample pack features a hand picked selection of audio loops from the full sample library.