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Released June 14, 2005 Recorded 1986-1992 / 988 142 DJ Cell DJ Mark the 45 King Large Professor Kerwin Young Richard 'Lord of the Board' Simmons chronology (2003) Gold (2005) Professional ratings Review scores Source Rating Gold is the third compilation album, by hip-hop duo. The album was released on June 14, 2005, on. The album contains numerous remixes and extended mixes of Eric B. & Rakim's greatest hits as part of ’s. Track listing [ ] Disc one [ ] • 'Eric B.

This list is not my own.To know the reasons why the following CDs deserve to be in this list, visit: http://hiphopgoldenage.com/list/top-100-hip-hop-albums-of-the-1990s/. Gold is the third compilation album, by hip-hop duo Eric B. The album was released on June 14, 2005, on Hip-O Records. The album contains numerous remixes and extended mixes of Eric B. & Rakim's greatest hits as part of Universal Music Group ’s Gold series.

Happy 30th Anniversary to Eric B. & Rakim’s Debut Album Paid in Full, originally released July 7, 1987. Plagiarism detector full version keygen download. How many albums really alter the course of hip-hop?

Maybe you can count them on two hands. But Paid in Full by is indisputably one of the small handful of albums that changed the path of rap music. Eric “Eric B.” Barrier and William “Rakim” Griffin III may not have set out to change the game when they recorded their debut LP, but after it was released 30 years ago, hip-hop was never the same. It’s not an exaggeration to say it’s among the five greatest hip-hop albums ever recorded, and it’s certainly a reasonable candidate for the greatest ever. Rakim Allah, known as the revered God of lyricism and considered by many to be the most gifted emcee to ever touch the mic, changed the way emcees rapped with Paid in Full.

This was square one in a career that has been defined by lyricism at its very highest level: an exhibition of how to put together words and phrases that hadn’t been heard before. “The album to me was like experimenting,” Rakim later said in Brian Coleman’s Check the Technique.

“We went into the studio, we laid the beat down, I took the notebook and did the rhymes right there.Today I like to perfect and shape it a little more, but back then that rawness was what was good about it.”. Paid in Full is mostly hailed for what Rakim did lyrically, but Eric B. Really started the project rolling.

He entered their partnership as the moneyman with street cred and a dangerous rep to back it up. It’s an open secret that he ran with some of New York's heaviest of heavies, including Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff and Kelvin Martin a.k.a. The original 50 Cent. The “Paid in Full” posse, as it became known, held court and reportedly reigned terror during hip-hop nights at the Latin Quarter, a mecca for the scene during the 1980s.

Wanted to break into the realm of hip-hop, and was looking for emcees to help him with the task. The legend goes that when Eric B. Set up studio time to record the song “Eric B.

Rakim greatest hits zip album

Is President,” Freddie Foxx (a fierce emcee and seasoned hard rock in his own right) was supposed to rap over it. Due to complications, however, Foxx couldn’t make the studio session, so Eric B. Offered Rakim the spot. Months before, the pair had been introduced to each other by fellow Long Island native and future record executive Alvin Toney. Though a more than capable lyricist, at the time Rakim was more interested in playing football than rhyming. Nevertheless, he still agreed to record the track, as well as the B-Side, “My Melody.” The original single, released on Zakia Records, is credited as Eric B. Featuring Rakim.

The 12” was an instant success, and the group later signed with 4th and Broadway/Island Records after Zakia folded due to financial woes. Rakim the God MC was forged in the park jams, block parties, school gym shows in Wyandanch, Long Island during the 1980s.

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He also travelled to Brooklyn and Queens, where he further honed his skills in front of packed and difficult-to-impress crowds, at times sharing the stage with the likes of. By his own account, many of his verses on the album are rhymes that he frequently kicked live on stage to get the crowd hyped. It makes sense that so many of the songs and verses on Paid in Full explore being a master of ceremonies and keeping the crowd moving and eager to listen, because Rakim’s existence as an emcee depended on it during the nascent stages of his career. Though influenced by emcees like Grandmaster Melle Mel, Grandmaster Caz, and Kool Moe Dee, it’s fair to say with Paid in Full, Rakim brought a lyrical style that had never been heard before. The term “flow,” now standard hip-hop nomenclature, was essentially invented for Rakim’s lyrical style. His lyrics smoothly transitioned from bar to bar, effortless in creating a stream of rhythmic American poetry. Paid in Full featured the beginning of the “scientifical” rhyme style, and beats driven by James Brown samples that weren’t necessarily targeted towards getting people on the dance floor.