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The cover of volume 1 as released by on 3 May 2005 in North America. Is a written and illustrated.

It was serialized in the weekly Japanese from 2003 issue 47 to 2011 issue 19. Serial chapters have been collected in volumes by, with the first released on 18 February 2004, all 35 volumes completed with the last volume published on 18 August 2011. The series is about teenagers and, heirs to rival clans of kekkai (barrier magic) users, who must defend their school from the spirits drawn to the sacred land it is built upon. Kekkaishi received the 2007 for shōnen manga.

Announced in April 2005 that they had acquired the rights to translate and distribute Kekkaishi in North America. Viz released volume one on 3 May 2005, the 35th and last volume is scheduled to release on 11 December 2012.

In July 2009, Viz announced the creation of their new imprint Shonen Sunday, which Kekkaishi would be moved under, and the launching of a dedicated website where individual chapters of Kekkaishi and other Shonen Sunday series are now being serialized. It is also licensed in France by, in Germany by, in Hong Kong by, in Indonesia by which serializes it in, in Italy by, in Malaysia by, in South Korea by, in Spain by, in Taiwan by, and in Vietnam.

Kekkaishi has been adapted into a 52-episode series by, which was broadcast on,, and between 16 October 2006 and 12 February 2008. It has also been adapted into three video games. Contents • • • • Chapter and volume list [ ] Note: This list uses Viz's official English-translated titles through volume 32, unofficial Japanese translations thereafter. Japan release date Japan ISBN North America release date North America ISBN 1 18 February 2004 3 May 2005 • 001. 'Yoshimori and Tokine' ( 良守と時音, 'Yoshimori to Tokine') • 002. 'Scars' ( 傷, 'Kizu') • 003. 'Yoshimori's Ambition' ( 良守の野望, 'Yoshimori no Yabō') • 004.

'Human Ghost' ( 人間霊, 'Ningen Rei') • 005. 'Nutrients' ( 養分, 'Yōbun') • 006. Formirovanie klyuchevih kompetencija na urokah istorii. 'A Dangerous Man' ( 危険な男, 'Kiken na Otoko') • 007. 'Flower of Passion' ( 情熱の花, 'Jōnetsu no Hana') Yoshimori Sumimura is a kekkaishi, or barrier master, an expert in fighting demons. Currently in his second year in junior high, he is training to become the 22nd kekkaishi in his family line. Each night, he patrols Karasumori, a cursed area that attracts supernatural beings of all sorts and is now the site of Yoshimori's school. This duty has been passed down through his family for generations.

Tokine Yukimura, Yoshimori's next-door neighbor, is also a kekkaishi. The Sumimuras and the Yukimuras have been quarreling for more than 400 years over which family is the legitimate successor to their kekkaishi school. As a child, Yoshimori made a mistake that caused Tokine to suffer a serious injury. Yoshimori was deeply shaken by this incident. Devoting himself to his training, he promised himself that he would become a strong man and be able to protect Tokine in the future. 2 17 April 2004 16 August 2005 • 008. 'Tokio Yukimura' ( 雪村時雄, 'Yukimura Tokio') • 009.

'Demon Tamer' ( 鬼使い, 'Oni Tsukai') • 010. 'Memories and Hatred' ( 追憶と憎悪, 'Tsuioku to Zōo') • 011. 'Promise' ( 誓い, 'Chikai') • 012. 'Yoshimori vs. Yoki' ( 良守vsヨキ, 'Yoshimori baasasu Yoki') • 013. 'Shadow Organization' ( 裏会, 'Urakai') • 014.

'That's All' ( ただそれだけ, 'Tadasoredake') • 015. 'Cold Weather Cherry Blossoms (Part 1)' ( 寒桜(前編), 'Kanzakura (Zenpen)') • 016. 'Cold Weather Cherry Blossoms (Part 2)' ( 寒桜(後編), 'Kanzakura (Kōhen)') One night, a demon tamer named Yomi and her demon servant, Yoki, attempt to take over the Karasumori site for their own purposes.

Aided by the magical power emanating from the site, Yoki transforms himself into an extremely powerful demon. Yoshimori and Tokine struggle to defeat him.

Baca Komik Kekkaishi 148 Indo

Arma 3 altis life scripts In the midst of the battle, men with magical abilities arrive from the secretive 'shadow organization,' which oversees the work of the kekkaishi, and mercilessly destroy Yoki. The Karasumori site continues to attract ayakashi who wish to boost their supernatural power. Yoshimori and Tokine have no idea what forces they will face in their next battle! 3 18 June 2004 15 November 2005 • 017. 'Yoshimori's Days, Part 1' ( 良守の日々(前編), 'Yoshimori no Hibi (Zenpen)') • 018. 'Yoshimori's Days, Part 2' ( 良守の日々(中編), 'Yoshimori no Hibi (Chūhen)') • 019. 'Yoshimori's Days, Part 3' ( 良守の日々(後編), 'Yoshimori no Hibi (Kōhen)') • 020.