Uzbekskij Filjm Super Svekrovj Na Russkom Yazike

If you enjoy watching extreme sports, then you have definitely heard of the X Games. These are series of different sports disciplines that are hosted annually by ESPN. With time, they have garnered a big following from the lovers of extreme sports.

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And if there is one event that’s very popular indeed, it’s the roller skating event – otherwise known as inline skating. There have been some fantastic rides in the X Games inline skating history. Below you can find out more about them. Stephane Alfano. Content • • • • • Stephane Alfano has really done something magnificent back in the finals of the X Games in inline skating. He made it seem like it was an easy thing to do to roller skate. We all know that this really isn’t the case.

There’s heavy skill that’s involved in this – control and finesse are all part of this. Stephane Alfano at one point during his ride jumped high and started spinning in the air. Not, this was not a single spin or even a double spin. He spun like a ballerina, eventually falling on his feet. We can only imagine the level of dedication that he had when practicing for this move. It makes us cherish it even more because of this. • Jason Stinsmen Then there’s Jason Stinsmen.

He did something similar to what Stephane Alfano did – only this time the rotation is in another direction. He didn’t spin from side to side. What he did was a terrific move – a backflip in the air. But he didn’t do this move once, mind you. He did it twice in a single jump. It takes some serious guts for a person to try this out in a completely safe environment and even more so in the X Games finals. Truth be told, Jason Stinsmen didn’t succeed in doing a perfect landing on his feet.

He almost lost balance. But when you consider how powerful this move looked – you will forgive the fact that he didn’t land perfectly. Truly an outstanding move to marvel at. • Carlos Pianowski You can begin to see a pattern here. All of the greatest X Games rides in roller skating on our list feature some kind of flip. This flip is very much like that of Jason Stinsmen – only this time it’s done from the reverse position. So, Carlos Pianowski skates up to the platform – but backwards.

Uzbekskij filjm super svekrovj na russkom yazike 3

He jumps in the air, does a flip, and then lands back again on his feet, riding backwards. You could easily see the nature and origin of the popularity of the inline skating event in the X Games just by this move alone. • Jaren Grob Now, this move combines all that we have spoken of before.

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