Otc Genisys 3 0 Manual Transfer

I picked up a OTC Genisys from eBay for a fairly good price, and while it works, I am trying to find the CD that came with it. I called OTC and they told me that they don't even make the CD anymore, but that if I can find someone who has a older tool, that I can get the CD from them. What I am looking for is someone who has a version 1 Genisys, that has the CD still. My tool has Pathfinder 2004 on it, and the ext memory card.

Jan 21, 2019 - The instructions provided with your update kit are less than understandable. I will show you how to update your OTC Genisys scan tool, step by step. Install The Software. Next, you are going to want to install the software CD. No tienes los archivo que van dentro de la tarjeta de memoria genisys 3.0.

What also sucks is that I bought this thing, and I still can't do the fuel sync on my damn Jeep! I have numerous versions of the older Genisys software but why do you want the CD? If the unit was updated there is not much else you would need it for. Even though it is the first version (which I had until it needed a repair) it can run the later software as long as you have the proper cables. What size memory card do you have?

Is it only domestic or other programs on it? I can probably find the cd but if I know what you are trying to do I might be able to help.

Also you can find out the version or the different software in the tool menu (not sure right now since I do not have in front of me) usually it starts with version 1.0 and I can find updated file for what you have. I do not use mine as much since I now have Snap on Modis and now use the Genisys at home. What are you trying to do fuel sync on what year, model, engine Jeep? Are you Using the 'smart cable with no adapters' or still the smart inserts? I will try to help if I can with what I know with the Genisys. Well, I contacted the seller, and he had the CD, and sent it to me. Here's where the wheels come off.

I installed it on my computer, and then ran the update. It found updates, and took 3 hours to do it. Came back to it later, and it SId it was done, and the tool was powered off.

Went to turn it on, and now the damn thing won't even power up. I'm on external power (through the cable w/ the lighter adapter. I don't have the wall wart for it.) Power was provided by my 12v power supply for my amateur radio. OTC says no repair on these, so I guess I am stuck with an expensive piece of plastic. I could see if I could get it to at least power up, I could recover it or something, but the tool now does nothing. No display, no noises.

Anyway, I'm working on my 96 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 4.0L, 42RE, 4WD. I rebuilt the motor a few months ago, and built it with a mild Comp cam.

I was told I need to set my fuel sync to +6 or so for use with the cam. As it is now, the Jeep is throwing a B1 lean code.

I also have a SnapOn MT2500, but the cartridges aren't current enough to have that option. I bought the Genisys because I was looking for a better tool that I could also update. Tajmer sekundomer so zvukovim signalom dlya sorevnovanij. The more I think about it, I should have just bought the TSI/VSI cartridges for my SnapOn. Any help you could provide with the Genisys would be great.

Otc Genisys 3 0 Manual Transfer

There is a 32MB card inside, and a 512MB outside. I am working with Pathfinder 2004. I have the smart inserts cable, as the 'smart cable' only works with 3.0 and up. I only have the Generic OBD II insert. So let me understand what you did with genisys.you installed the software on your computer (what version windows) and once it updated now it will not power on, correct? Does it make a beep or anything? Usually no power up is due to dead battery so be sure battery is up.

I have a genisys with bad battery and it takes a bit with power to get battery up enough to boot so might want to find way to get an RC car charger and physically remove battery and charge it. Also there is a coin battery inside the Genisys to retain settings and such easily replaceable with time. What happens with Flash card removed? I would check your power supply as it should power up but if battery to dead it won't do nothing! I know you had 2 ways to update, 1 was to use a flash usb stick and also with the serial cable but that was dropped for updates and they now use external flash reader to update card. I am sure it is only a power issue as I now take the card out and update the card in Win XP unit and it writes the whole card with a 1-2 hour write.if I remember it would give a screen with memory card out to insert the card so it should do something.