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Midtown Madness – computer racing game, produced by the American studio Angel Studios and published by Microsoft. Her demo was made available to download on 1 May 1999, and the full version was issued on 27 May. Its continuation, Midtown Madness 2, was released in April 2000, and the last part of the series, Midtown Madness 3, was released in June 2002 for the console Xbox. Action Midtown Madness takes place in Chicago. The aim of the game is overcoming the illegal races urban and acquiring new vehicles.

Unlike contemporary racing games, which restrict the player maneuvers the racetrack, Midtown Madness Chicago offered free exploration. This part of the game was described by Microsoft as “an unprecedented degree of freedom to travel around the virtual city” [7]. Flight In fact, a similar solution appeared earlier in games Vette! And Test Drive III. Players can explore the city in one of several modes, change the weather and the amount of traffic before each race.

Here is the video game “Midtown Madness”! Released in 1999 on Windows, it's still available and playable with some tinkering. It's a racing / driving game, set in a vehicle simulator, automobile, street racing, truck and contemporary themes. Midtown Madness 1 Free Download PC Game For Windows. It is a racing game with Different weathers like rain, snowfall and bright sunshine. Midtown Madness 1 Overview. Midtown Madness 1 is a racing game that has been developed by Angel Studios which is now known as Rockstar San Diego and is published by Microsoft. The game has been set in the.

Midtown Madness supports racing multiplayer via local network or Internet. The game has received good evaluation of sites about games [8]; Reviewers praised mainly gameplay and mapping of the city, and sometimes criticized by technical errors. Midtown Madness offers four modes for single player: Blitz, Circuit, Checkpoint and Cruise. In Blitz mode, the player has time to reach the target; Circuit mode must win against opponents in the race; Checkpoint mode is similar to the Blitz, with the exception that you reach your goal obstruct police cars; Cruise mode the player simply explore the city. Players can choose from ten vehicles [a], although at the beginning of the game is available only five of them. To unlock the other, the player must win the corresponding number of races [9] [10]. The player with the selection of race can set the time of day and the weather, which affects the behavior of the vehicle, but only if the race has already been included.

Checkpoint mode also allows you to set the volume of traffic, the number of police cars and pedestrians [11] [12]. Virtual city is modeled after Chicago and includes objects such as the Chicago ‘L’, Willis Tower, Wrigley Field or Soldier Field [13].

On the streets there are many objects that the player can knock down, for example, rubbish bins, parking meters, mailboxes and street lamps [13]. Checkpoint mode, traffic is regulated by traffic lights, but the player does not have to follow the traffic rules. Midtown Madness supports multiplayer over a local network, the Internet and the connection using a serial cable. Multiplayer mode was originally supported by the platform of Microsoft, MSN Gaming Zone, but the service was deactivated June 19th 2006 [14]. This mode is still supported by services such as GameSpy Arcade and Xfire, via DirectPlay [15] [16].

The game also includes a multiplayer mode Cops and Robbers. Players are in it divided into two teams – each of them has to steal the gold the opposite side and take them to their own hiding place. Midtown Madness was the first game produced on personal computers by Angel Studios [10] (now Rockstar San Diego, some studies Rockstar Games ).

Her name Microsoft alluded to previously released games: Motocross Madness and Monster Truck Madness. According to project manager Clint Keith, the concept of the game invented by two Microsoft employees after they tried to cross a busy Paris street. They offered their idea of Angel Studios, which Microsoft tried to sell a three-dimensional simulator of the vehicle.