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Non-Members Notable people (for a variety of reasons, including dealings with The Family or role played in the group's history) who have never been members of The Family are listed here. The one exception is Ted Patrick, originator of 'deprogramming', who briefly infiltrated the group in order to gather information. stolen scooter registry This page contains information on stolen scooters. Entries made on the page will remain posted indefinitely. Soset u bikaner. If you have had a scooter stolen, please post any information you have in order to alert shops and other scooterists of the theft.

You may here. There are 53119 stolen scooters listed on 1063 pages, newest entries are first.


Kategorien Albumen Dateien Current and Former Members of the The Children of God/The Family 1 31 Onion Creek Memorial Park near Austin, Texas. Final resting place of five second-generation Family members who died in a July 16, 1995 automobile accident. Nina Theresa Wickenheiser (1977-11-30 - 1995-07-16) Precious Heart Oehler (1980-02-07 - 1995-07-16) Katrina Angela Oehler (1981-05-04 - 1995-07-16) Kristina Hope Noell (1978-08-26 - 1995-07-16) Victoria Luz Korkames-Luevano (1980-09-13 - 1995-07-16) 31 files, last one added on 26. Mee 2007 Album viewed 2900 times.