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Goodnight, Internet Explorer Butterick’s Practical Typography Goodnight, Internet Explorer Dear Reader: I’ve just re­leased the sec­ond edi­tion of Prac­ti­cal Ty­pog­ra­phy. I’m afraid, how­ever, that I’ve had to drop sup­port for In­ter­net Ex­plorer 11 or ear­lier. These are the worst web browsers that ever ex­isted. I did my best with them, as long as I could.

But they’re rid­dled with lay­out and se­cu­rity prob­lems that are ex­pen­sive for me to sup­port. And to­day, these browsers are used by an ever-tinier frac­tion of visitors. Therefore, the kind­est thing I can do is en­cour­age you to switch browsers. For in­stance, or See you on the other side. —Matthew Butterick.

It’s no secret that typography can be incredibly powerful. Fonts evoke emotion and feeling, solidify branding, and help create eye-catching designs. But like any other element of design, font trends ebb and flow and change over time. Whether you’re a professional graphic designer, a DIY-er, or entrepreneur you need to make sure your fonts follow the trends. Want to stay on top of the game? Here are the hot new font trends that will be inescapable in 2018!

Geometric fonts — Modern logo for architecture firm with a geometric font. Logo for architecture firm with a circle-based geometric type. A popular minimalist book cover for the sequel to Andy Weir’s The Martian. Geometric typefaces have been building in popularity for the past year. The geometric letterforms are completely without serifs or filigrees and are constructed of clean, straight lines and perfectly round circles. Geometric fonts are distinctly modern and work well for designs that evoke the flair of science, tech, and engineering. They often bring a futuristic vibe to a design, but don’t think they’re only for science fiction—a geometric font can bring a level of sophistication to any composition.

Their clarity from a distance makes them particularly suited to branding, especially logos and business cards. 2018 will see geometric fonts bringing a bold, clear edge to a wide range of designs. Handwritten fonts —. Rough hand-lettered design for Defect hoodie.

Design by for Defect. On the other end of the spectrum, handwritten and hand-lettered fonts continue to bring a homespun, casual charm to every design they grace. As wildly distinct as every person’s handwriting, each hand-written font is a unique snowflake.

While hand-lettered fonts have been loopy and clean in past years, we’re seeing an uptick in more casual, brush stroke fonts that have a little more edge and feel as if they were plucked straight from the era of sign painters. Running the gambit from feminine scripts to more masculine, scratchy handwriting, we can expect to see a continued proliferation of hand-written type on posters and invitations, in logos and product design, and all over popular book covers. Watercolor fonts —.

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Herbal company searching for a logo with hand-crafted flair. Logo by for Wild Kratom Exchange. Decorative slab and script fonts have been carefully designed to show real character. They might feel rough and hand-drawn or evoke the ornate style of vintage signage.

These typefaces have a classic appeal while still retaining legibility for web and logo use. Vintage slab or script fonts are particularly popular for businesses and brands that want their typography to feel contemporary and clean, while still leaning a little more “bespoke” or artisanal, like the fun, rough-hewn style of the CRMBS brand identity. Helvetica and Helvetica alternatives — ARS Maquette is one of many Helvetica alternatives. Incredible and delicious ice cream design. Experimental display typeface by Masaomi Fujita. Some fonts are not meant to be workhorses. They may be downright unreadable for long paragraphs of text but can become a work of art when used as.

Graphic bold font download

Particularly powerful when used in advertising (like on posters or flyers), these fonts are custom-designed and crafted for one particular use. For good reason: the loopy, creamy letters on the “Melt like an ice cream” design could entice any passerby to stop and take a closer look. Responsive fonts for web — A responsive and inviting email template. Design by for ServiceAide. Highly responsive design for a personal website.

While many type trends favor print, there are important typography trends that impact the digital sphere as well. Without a doubt, typography has a big impact on what your consumer feels and takes away from your website or app the first time they visit. It’s clear why responsive fonts are such a huge trend: the experience readers have with a website’s usability and responsiveness could make or break their decision to buy a product. The options for web designers have exploded in the past few years—thanks in part to Google fonts—but the best designs have the same hallmarks: large families that utilize different weights and styles, adaptive characters that respond to different screen sizes and resolutions, and of course, effortless readability. Mid-century fonts — Delightful mid-century font designed by Dustin Lee.