Myscript Stylus Linux

Over the past 6 months I have become increasingly dependent for my productivity on my digital pen and tablet as a method of input, I rarely use the keyboard and much of my time is spent working on animation and other 'artsy stuff'. I had long wanted to get away from 'Windows' longing to say I don't do windows with conviction. Sadly we'd never got a Linux version to install properly so always limped back to Gatesville. This time the CentOS installed without problem, and the tablet was even rcognised at least as a pointing device which is half the battle. In Windows I had been using MyScript Stylus for handwriting recognition software with it's seamless recognition and in a supple multi-lingual pop up window, and as needed dream. I knew they had a Linux version, and naively I had assumed it was a matter of simply installing it and away I would be. I was mistaken, apparently in the world of Linux OS you cannot just install any old software with Linux mentioned, this one it turned out after many failed attempts at installation is an Ubuntu version with a Debian package.

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Myscript Stylus Linux

Here I was out of my depth, clueless and close to shrinking back to Windows crashes and all. There has to be some way to adapt it? Is it possible for someone to repackage it to be installed in CentOS using Yum? This is the addy for the package at Vision Objects: While kicking around, desperate for answers, I also found this 'MyScrip Builder' avaialble for Linux, perhaps someone can help me with a package for CentOS?? I cannot be the oly neurologically challenged person with a need for handwriting regocnition because the keyboard use is rapidly becoming unbearably difficult. There has to be a market for it, many like myself on skinny little disability pension.

So would some kindly person help me out, get my pen working again, please. Bringing it all back home rar. I'd really rather not go back to doing Windows, otherwise CentOS on this AMD system is working flawlessly, much better that Windows ever did. The addy for the MyScript Builder is: Thanks so much for your attentions. Aletta vancouver, bc canada.

Tonight I use 'Wine' to install the original Windows exe file, and it popped up as it should made the icons for the desktop and bar, but I could not get the registration to work without crashing, opherwise the input looks the same but the regonition is not printing legibly looks like the fontsize is gigantic for some reason. I'll put in another hour or so and pack it in, ideas and workarounds gratefully tried. The hardware does not recognise the acecad tablet version/type, so could that be the problem?

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