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The Belgian put United before strikes against Paul Pogba and Anthony Martial -- and Rashford proved he could be the X-factor if he is to lead United to a championship the manager needs. Mourinho's side was throughout West Ham in an impressive fashion observed sporadically and stroking the ball around last season. Rashford played a vital part in 1 sequence that shut with an offside Henrikh Mkhitaryan ending, while Lukaku ran across the path and into deep positions to present the Hammers awkward questions. The 24-year-old is the No9 Mourinho bought to supply a weight of goals to Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who handled 28 last season. The key role in this Mourinho master plan of the man was illustrated.

Lukaku is a man and it was clear that if United are to flourish Lukaku must fire, 39, if he biffed aside a defender, then rose to a ball in the penalty area. Those undesirable 15 brings caused United to limp to the sixth position, only securing a Champions League berth by winning the Europa League. Ten were here, in a venue that needs entertainment. If, say, just those attractions were wins at Old Trafford the final points tally of United could have climbed to 79. United managed just 54 goals last season, a clear element in the lack of wins.

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Mourinho acknowledged the need from people around the No9 for goals. As thinking could be charged. Since the Portuguese forfeited a midfielder for an extra Ander Herrera was a surprise omission. This was Juan Mata who lined up alongside the No10, Mkhitaryan, and Rashford, the man that is broad that is left-sided. The trio was stationed behind Lukaku at a 4-2-3-1 but if all want to be chosen consistently they'll need to enroll over the 15 goals they returned involving them in the last league campaign.

Within a stadium, United moved it on occasion during the half and hogged the ball. This enabled an opportunity to be moved behind for by Mata when in another time he didn't hit the ball, although that was blocked. At this juncture, United might be accused of a lack of directness in the third.

This was a complaint about the Alex Ferguson teams and register it was through some thinking when they did finally. Rashford's pace gives United's front line a vital dimension and he continued to light up the negative when they roved forward. Mourinho's recognition of this might have prompted him to permit the. Rashford switched from left to make problems along that wing.

He wrapped around to make it a strike force that was two-man that was committed. On the left that he had been back from the end of the first half and could drift off definitely to listen to a word.

In seven of the 19 league outings here last season they scored more or two. This again points to the responsibility of the attackers, also Jesse Lingard, Martial (on the bench on Sunday) as well as Pogba, whose recurrence of five has been underwhelming for a footballer of his gift. In that loss to Real, Rashford spurned that could have taken the game was referred by Mourinho. Almost when Martin Atkinson blew for the second half Rashford missed a near-identical prospect. The adolescent raced clear but missed to the left of Hart. United was soon in complete control, however, since Lukaku made no mistake with his mind which was a second league goal for the base audience to enjoy as Mourinho's team completed the game much more dangerously than they began it.