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Contents [] History The story takes place after the events of, but during the time of the first three games:,,. The events of the games, however, take place in a different scenario because, the god of thunder, has knowledge of the future.

Mortal Kombat is the first M-rated Mortal Kombat game to be developed for the, as opposed to the T-rated. This is also the first title to include 3D graphics, although gameplay has been brought back to its classic 2D plane. The developers have also stated that this is the first game in which they are making a conscious effort to create deeper gameplay for more hardcore players. Story The story begins with Raiden, just when he is about to be killed by in the events that happen after Armageddon.

In a last-ditch effort, he sends a message to himself in the past, in the era of 'Mortal Kombat' (the first game). The rest of the story follows that Raiden's past and shows him trying to understand the visions and messages he gets from himself in the future and trying to prevent the events that lead towards the destruction of all realities, thus trying to change the course of history itself. Characters The player has the ability to play as multiple characters during the course of story. According to the developers, the story is longer than the story present in Mortal Kombat vs.

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The developers have noticed that the story had been ignored in the past in favor for the fighting gameplay, 'action,' and wanted to make a change in that for Mortal Kombat. Excluded from the story campaign, players would be able to play as,, who has his own personal set of moves, fighting arena with and his own personal story for. Kratos' Biography “ Ancient Greece knew no more bloodthirsty a warrior than Kratos, who for a time was the God of War.

Mortal once more, Kratos withdrew from the ages-old clash between men and gods. But his solitude was broken when he was ripped through space and time.

As the madness subsided, Kratos found himself in present-day, kneeling before Shao Kahn. To ensure his victory in, the emperor had invoked an ancient ritual, sacrificing the souls of his vanguard to summon and enslave the most powerful warrior of all time. But the spell alone could not contain Kratos, who soon regained his free will. Enraged by Shao Kahn's arrogance, Kratos vowed to rip the warlord's spine from his body. The God of War had returned to battle. ” Kratos' Ending.

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: Plot and/or ending details follow. “ Shao Kahn was dead. The God of War had prevailed. The spell that had summoned him began to reverse itself. As he slowly faded from this place and time, Kratos was approached by Raiden. Though he did not count them among his enemies, Kratos had never been beloved by these gods.

He prepared for kombat. To his surprise, they bowed to him, a show of respect he had not seen from an immortal in many an age.

Raiden explained that though his motives were not pure, Kratos had saved. He was owed a debt of gratitude. As he returned to his own world, Kratos nodded silently. Their change of heart would perhaps prove useful one day.

A debt of gratitude is often dearly paid. ” Trivia • Kratos is a PS3 and PS Vita exclusive fighter. • may have foreshadowed the fact that Kratos was going to be in Mortal Kombat, considering his fight with Zeus in the being waged in a 2D environment. To drive the point further, Kratos uses several of the weapons from God of War III in Mortal Kombat and the Chamber of the Flame is also an arena in the game (also a PS3 and PS Vita exclusive). • Kratos and the Mortal Kombat character share many similarities with one another; both of their families were murdered, both were betrayed by their masters, both are fueled by rage and vengeance, both crawled their way out of /the, and both utilize weapons that involve the use of chains. • According to, creator of Mortal Kombat, Kratos was a perfect fit for the Mortal Kombat roster.