Maytag Atlantis Washer Manual Remove Agitator From Washing

• Atlantis washer repair mav9750 aww this is my experience repairing the maytag washer Atlantis mav series 9750 aww, I had to replace the spin bearing since it was making a jet engine noise when it was spinning out the water. • (see pics below in section on removing hub and seal. • TAKING APART THE MACHINE STEP 1: belt removal: first step is to take off drive belt underneath the machine, its easy, tilt machine back to lean against a wall, grab the belt and pull it off one of the front pulleys. Airxonix registration key free download for windows 10 • STEP 2: lift the top: next is to lift the top part of the machine, tape the lid down to the top (not to sides or front panel), use a putty knife and slide it into the front corner in between the seam of the top. • STEP 3; agitator removal: now you have the top up, its time to remove the agitator, lift off the fabric softener dispenser, its just snaps on, so just lift it up. Now you will see down the middle of agitator and see a screw, use an socket wrench w/ an extension and remove screw counter clockwise (screw can remain in agitator opening), then just grab bottom of agitator and lift up.

Once you know how to take apart a Maytag Atlantis washer, you can quickly access all of the working components within the unit. Disassembling the washer is not difficult. The average handyman can disassemble the unit within 30 minutes with just a few hand tools. Although the top panel comes off of. A new agitator can then be put in place by following the directions in the new agitator's manual. It should use the same methods to be replaced, but it may have a different set of washers, bolts and nuts that are suggested to use for optimal performance of the new part in the old washing machine.

• STEP 4: water spout: now you will have to move the water spout out of the way, you can disconnect the hoses from the back of the water inlet valve, which is part of the water spout, and disconnect the wires to. • STEP 5: front panel removal: next we have to remove front panel, it is held by 2 screws on top, and tabs on bottom, once you remove the screws, the panel swings out and you lift it up off the tabs which are on the. • (8 of 34) [4/5/2008 19:16:25].

• (9 of 34) [4/5/2008 19:16:25]. • STEP 7: inner tub removal: we can remove the four bolts holding inner tub (spinner) to the outer tub file:///D /Documents%20and%20Settings/DJ/Meus%20documentos/Web/Publicar/p.%20atlantis%20washer%20repair%20spin%20bearing%20thats%20noisy,%20diy.htm (10 of 34) [4/5/2008 19:16:25]. • 4 bolts are out, the tub will come out, as you move it up move water spout out of the way STEP 8: o-ring, seal nut, and hub removal: remove the o-ring on the shaft (not visible in pic below), I used a small knitting needle to get the o-ring off. • I used a hammer to hit the pliers to turn it in a counter clockwise direction, once you get it to start turning it should come out easily. • (13 of 34) [4/5/2008 19:16:25].

• STEP 9: outer tub removal: (the next part I thought I could just take out the outer tub without removing the load balancing springs that hold down the transmission unit to the frame, I was wrong, if your model. • I removed the basket first, there. • (17 of 34) [4/5/2008 19:16:25]. • STEP 10: spring removal: the seal and bearing housing is screwed into dome from underneath with 3 screws, so we have to unhook the springs to get the transmission unit out.


You can use a special tool that helps. • (basket) still attached.

File:///D /Documents%20and%20Settings/DJ/Meus%20documentos/Web/Publicar/p.%20atlantis%20washer%20repair%20spin%20bearing%20thats%20noisy,%20diy.htm (19 of 34) [4/5/2008 19:16:25]. • STEP 11: dome removal: there are 3 legs attached to the dome, mark the relationship for reassembly, remove the screws holding the legs to the dome, 2 for each leg, total of 6 screws to remove.

• STEP 12: seal and bearing housing removal: file:///D /Documents%20and%20Settings/DJ/Meus%20documentos/Web/Publicar/p.%20atlantis%20washer%20repair%20spin%20bearing%20thats%20noisy,%20diy.htm (22 of 34) [4/5/2008 19:16:25]. • (23 of 34) [4/5/2008 19:16:25]. • I needed to replace, the seal and bearing are part of this housing, the new unit will be 'seal and bearing kit' replacement file:///D /Documents%20and%20Settings/DJ/Meus%20documentos/Web/Publicar/p.%20atlantis%20washer%20repair%20spin%20bearing%20thats%20noisy,%20diy.htm (24 of 34) [4/5/2008 19:16:25].

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• STEP 13: installing the new seal and bearing housing: the new seal and bearing kit comes with gaskets and a new redesigned hub, here is a link to the aspx?part_id=3875413&&model_id=47955&diagram_id=646306 'no'. • STEP 14 reinstalling the parts: place transmission unit over something soft as not to damage the pulley at the bottom, slide dome over shaft and line up your relationship marks, bang it down with your hand until the. • I placed the new black rubber seal onto the the seal and bearing housing file:///D /Documents%20and%20Settings/DJ/Meus%20documentos/Web/Publicar/p.%20atlantis%20washer%20repair%20spin%20bearing%20thats%20noisy,%20diy.htm (27 of 34) [4/5/2008 19:16:26]. • (28 of 34) [4/5/2008 19:16:26]. • I screwed the outer basket back on to the dome, and the four screws inside the basket which screw into the bearing housing. • I hope this helps you doing what I needed to do, I wish someone made a site like this for before I did this job email me if you have any questions, remove ' this part in the email address before you send