Lakewood 5500 Heater Manual

Lakewood 5500 [ LAK5500 ]: Oil-Filled Electric Radiator Heater – Oil Filled – 600 W to 1500 W – Gray. Element sealed in diathermic oil safety heats internally. No fumes, flames or refilling. Numbered dial with 600 / 900 / 1500 watt settings maintains constant temperature. Automatic on / off cycles. Baked enamel steel. Easy roll casters. Lakewood Recalls 70,000 Oil Filled Electric Heaters. On January 26th, 2005 Lakewood Engineering and Manufacturing Company of Chicago, IL announced a recall of approximately seventy thousand.

Follow up to my post of 13 January. Out of desperation, I took the heater apart and determined that an electrical fuse-like thermal overload device had opened on the neutral side of the feed to the heating element thus rendering the unit non-working. This device is wrapped in a sheath around the underside of the heating element's electrical connections where the element enters the radiator's core. If the element exceeds the rated temperature it apparently 'blows' or electrically opens much like a fuse. The lights still come on but no electricity is getting to the element.

When I removed this from the circuit, the the unit began making heat. Ruki vverh luchshie hiti torrent download. Apparently, when the heater is on full (both switches on for the full 1,500 watts) the core temperature gets too high. So, I now use my heater on only the 900 watt setting and it's putting out plenty of heat. Today's high is 2F and the room is comfortable.

I've no doubt the manufacturer would not condone this modification and I have no intention of turning my modified heater back on 'HIGH.' Therefore I do not recommend doing this yourself unless you are competent in electrical and soldering work and are sure you won't overheat the unit. Having said that Lakewood clearly has either a design flaw or a bad batch of heater elements or overload protectors out there. When I have time, I'm planning to send my defective protector back to them with a letter. But given that they never responded to my e-mail to their customer service don't expect much in the way of a reply. As they say on TV, don't try this at home. Answered on Dec 20, 2016.

Here is your problem and yes it can be fixed. More than likely your thermal cutoff tripped because your heater got too hot. Remove front support feet and screw underneath face plate will slide off. You will see the heating element, a white wire is coming out of it.

There is a white sleeve on the wire tucked up into the element. Pull the wire out and slide sleeve off to expose the thermal switch labeled (S.W.C. Sw-120t ect.) You can google it to learn more about the cutoff. If you know how you can test the cutoff with a ammeter or voltmeter, If you don't google how to test electrical systems. Remember 'first do no harm' 4. If you can replace the cutoff do so (this is the recommended way) b. If you don't want to replace it cut the cutoff out and solder the wires back together.

(be warned that this will bypass the safety system) If you do this be careful to not leave your radiator unattended. After soldering the wire, taping it will electrical tape.

Replace face plate from step 1 and 2 and your heater will work. If your heater is still under warranty just contact lakewood. Answered on Jan 04, 2014.