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I know I am not the only one – Zionistic and progressive – who sits in my niche, recognizing that all people need to be equally treated and that Israel is the legitimate homeland of the Jewish people. This does not mean that its government and actions are not flawed – whose government isn’t? – but that there is a clear distinction between criticism of actions and rejection of a country outright. So far, I’ve only found two groups that are in my space; there must be more – and it is important that they not only be made of Jewish people. The first is the, in its beginning stages. The second, with a tagline of “The Voice of Pro-Israel Democrats” is the newly formed. I think they need to take on education.

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Wanting Palestinians to have justice and a homeland does not preclude believing in Israel’s legitimacy and supporting its place in academic, business, cultural, sports and other worlds. As, supporters of the Boycott, Divest, Sanction movement, and those of Students for Justice in Palestine, IfNotNow and Jewish Voice for Peace all conflate pro-Palestinian positions with anti-Israel ones and this is a mistake. They are not mutually exclusive. To be pro-Palestinian should mean to, concretely and immediately. To find ways to get the two sides to talk. But by condemning Israel and by essentially denying its legitimacy, the message is that this country, the homeland for the Jewish people, is wrong; it opens up Jews as targets of some kind of culpability which ought to only be assigned to a government, if at all. Couple that with not assigning any responsibility for the Palestinians’ suffering to their own split, oppressive and in-feuding leadership or the multitude of Arab countries which keep them in camps, and the target on the back of the Jews grows sharper.

Matematika kompleksnij trenazher 4 klass otveti barkovskaya reshebnik Unfortunately, too many Israel supporters in the United States prefer to turn a blind eye to the Trump-led Republican Party’s harmful attitudes and actions; on the other side, too many advocates for progressive rights give a pass to the anti-Semitism underlying the anti-Zionistic rhetoric. “If you are like me,” I, “an American Jew who believes people should be able to live life free of bias and that every person is truly entitled to the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness and you support Israel, you are beginning to feel screwed by our two parties.” With the 2018 midterms, I’ve begun feeling it even more; Zionists, Jewish and others who otherwise identify with the Democratic Party’s positions are having a hard time with its progressive flank’s embrace of BDS and other anti-Zionistic positions.