Emulyator Sega Dreamcast Dlya Psp

Sega was so sad about its failure that it stopped making games consoles. Probably if you mention its name at Sega's HQ, there are still people working there who will react by wailing uncontrollably. Anyway, the Dreamcast lives on in the hearts of many. Not least in the heart of one clever programmer who has created a Dreamcast emulator for PSP.

Instructions & Download: PSP must be running custom firmware in order for the emulators to work. Follow the steps below. Drajver dlya swf 3s4t 2. If your PSP is currently running custom firmware, proceed to STEP 2.

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STEP 1 Watch video on how to install PSP Custom Firmware 6.61PRO Infinity: STEP 2 Emulator Pack: On 'Whoops' screen, click 'Download' On Google Scan screen, click 'Download anyway' STEP 3 Extract the RAR file to your desktop. STEP 4 Copy your selected emulators to your PSP's GAME folder: MSROOT / PSP / GAME.