Drama Taiwan Fated To Love You Sub Indo Movie

Contents • • • • • • • • • • • Synopsis [ ] Chen Xin Yi () is an unfashionable in a law firm described as a 'sticky note girl'—a person who is helpful, but unnecessary and therefore easy to throw away. Her co-workers frequently take advantage of her eager to please nature by dumping unwanted tasks onto her.

She plans and pays for a trip on a romantic love cruise, hoping to lose her virginity and thus keep her boyfriend. Xin Yi is devastated when she finds her boyfriend cheating on her during the cruise and he tells her that he planned to break up with her all along. On the same cruise is Ji Cun Xi (), the wealthy sole heir of a soap and cleaning products company. He had planned to propose to long-time girlfriend Anna () during the trip, but is unaware that she has stood him up for the 11th time and never boarded the cruise. Anna is a professional ballet dancer and chose a main role in a world tour over Cun Xi. In a huge mix-up involving drugs, a third party blackmail plot, and carelessness, Xin Yi and Cun Xi end up spending the night together and have sex, only in the morning realizing the mistake. Although they vow to forget about the incident and continue on with their lives, Xin Yi soon finds out that she is pregnant and the news soon reaches to Cun Xi.

Initially, they decide to have an abortion, but Cun Xi changes his mind at the last minute and offers to financially support Xin Yi until the birth, but her family rejects this and thinks abortion is best. Cun Xi's grandmother, Granny Ji, however, is ecstatic over having a great-grandchild and forces the two to get married. Cun Xi, upset that he has been trapped into this situation, forces Xin Yi to agree to divorce after the birth, and in exchange for her silence about the marriage, she will relinquish the baby to him. She, however, refuses to accept any money he offers her for the pregnancy, which makes him question her motive for agreeing to the marriage. Xin Yi had only agreed to the marriage in hopes of giving the baby a happy family, but she knows that it's not possible if she and Cun Xi are not in love. She meets and begins a friendship with Dylan, a kind young man from Shanghai who sympathizes with her in her situation and seems genuinely interested in her.

Fated to Love You may refer to: Fated to Love You (2008 TV series), the Taiwanese television series; Fated to Love You (2014 TV series), the South Korean. Destiny Love, Sticky Note Girl, You're My Destiny Volunteer Team Fated to Love You Team Broadcast Network TTV/SETTV Broadcast Period to Rating PG-13 Taiwan Comedy Romance Drama Idol Drama Taiwanese Drama.

He later becomes her confidant and a source of support in the face of Cun Xi's mistreatment. Dylan reveals to her that his lifetime goal is to find his long-lost biological sister, Dai Xin Yi, who has the same name as Chen Xin Yi separated from him during childhood. Still in love with Anna and thinking Xin Yi became pregnant to get money from him, Cun Xi struggles between his selfishness and taking responsibility.

Xin Yi feels deeply burdened with guilt for her mistake and struggles to stand up for herself and become more than just a sticky note in other people's lives, while trying to keep from falling for Cun Xi. Xin Yi's simple and selfless nature soon endears her to Cun Xi's family and, eventually, Cun Xi. Slowly, Cun Xi begins to realize his love for Xin Yi and the child she is carrying, and starts to wonder what life would be like if they lived together as a family. He desires to protect Xin Yi from those who would mistreat her and tells her that he doesn't want her to leave him after the baby is born. Juniper netsim keygen. Unfortunately, these epiphanies are interrupted by the unexpected return of an injured Anna. Cun Xi conceals his marriage and impending fatherhood and requests Xin Yi return to stay with her mother until he can explain the situation to Anna and his grandmother. A series of unfortunate events lead a devastated Anna to discover the truth from Cun Xi's incensed grandmother during an ugly confrontation.