Downlod Save Mod Motogp 08 Season 2017

• Qatar GP • March 8th - 10th, 2019 Round 01/19 • Qatar GP Event Schedule Session Time FP1 15:40 - 16:25 FP2 20:00 - 20:45 FP3 15:15 - 16:00 FP4 19:20 - 19:50 Q1 20:00 - 20:15 Q2 20:25 - 20:40 WUP 15:40 - 16:00 RAC 20:00 • MotoGP 2019 Point Standings Pos. Rider Points 1 25 2 20 3 16 4 13 5 11 6 10 7 9 8 8 9 7 10 6 • Moto2 Championship Standings: • Moto3 Championship Standings: MotoGP 2019 Calendar Round Date Race Round Date Race 1 10 Mar 2 31 Mar 3 14 Apr 4 05 May 5 19 May 6 02 Jun 7 16 Jun 8 30 Jun 9 07 Jul 10 04 Aug 11 11 Aug 12 25 Aug 13 15 Sep 14 22 Sep 15 06 Oct 16 20 Oct 17 27 Oct 18 03 Nov 19 17 Nov Rules of Our Subreddit Etc. Feel free to leave feedback on the subreddit by sending us the mods a message.

But starting point of most of these modifications are not mine. For example I used this page to get a start on track import from ride 2 to MotoGP 17.

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This modder has already modded the packages for quite a few circuits (which include nurburgring and ulster) and have published tutorials for the same. So if you need just the tracks he has already worked on, it's as easy as downloading three files and replacing it in your game directory and copying track files from ride 2 folder to MotoGP folder. Step Takes just 5 minutes max.

It's when you need more tracks that he haven't worked on, then you need to put in your own effort. That's where I spend most of my time. So credit where it's due, I am not an alpha modder, I just use the tutorials that they have posted and use them to make my own fantasies come true(like Valentino in Moto3). There are tonnes of other cool mods that you can do(majority of which takes just replacing few files), check out that website. Edit: and yeah. MotoGP bikes at those tracks are just visceral. At tracks like North West 200, Yamaha M1 stays at it's top speed of 353 kmph for more than 10 15 seconds continuously and it's not even a straight.

Just some bumpy fast long curve. Sense of speed is off the charts.

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One of the best thing about this mod is how the whole gearing thing is affected. Gearing ratios that can be modified by the player is relative, meaning each track has a base gearing configuration, then we change relative to that. And this gear ratio configuration is saved with the track(file) and not with the bike. So by porting the tracks, it retains the gear ratios of a ride 2 superbike, but how that gear ratios are affected depends on the bike dynamics of MotoGP (game). So it feels good, it's quite different from the usual tracks you play in MotoGP. As for the gears, except for the wide open straights, in the narrow sections, the bikes never went above the 3rd gear, only hitting 3rd gear three times.

A superbike in ride 2 goes to 4th a couple of times and gets to 3rd gear much more than in motogp. I say that's good enough for me.