Disadvantages Of Serial Processing Operating System

Operating System Properties - Learning operating system in simple and easy steps. Batch processing is a technique in which an Operating System collects the programs and data together in a batch before processing starts.

What is batch system? In early days computer work was given on punch cards and then these punch cards behave as input to the computer. These jobs or batch jobs were then executed by the computer one by one.

So that computers were called as batch computers or batch systems. The work done by batch systems are in parts i.e. One job is processed then another job in the queue is processed and so on.

Batch processing system Why batch systems are used? As batch systems load less stress on processor and involve less user interaction so that is why we can use batch system in current days also. Another advantage of batch systems is that the large repeated jobs are given to the system and we don’t have to interact with computer to tell the system that you have to do that job after finishing that job. Old batch systems were not interactive i.e. The user interaction was not involved when the job is running.

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Now in modern batch systems we have interactions also. For example we can set the timer on the job and when the specific time comes then computer send message to the processor that time is over.

This helps us to avoid too many errors and makes us easy to debug. Best practice in using batch systems The batch systems are used by large organizations and also large jobs are done in sequence by the system. So it is best practice to divide the big job into small parts and run them so it is easy to debug the job when error comes. You can also set timer on computer for each job so you can check and interact with job to check and debug errors. Advantages of batch processing systems Here are some advantages of batch systems:- • Repeated jobs are done fast in batch systems without user interaction. • You don’t need special hardware and system support to input data in batch systems. • Best for large organizations but small organizations can also benefit from it. Serial key crack.

• Batch systems can work offline so it makes less stress on processor. • Processor consumes good time while processing that mean it knows which job to process next.

In real time systems we don’t have expectation time of how long the job is and what is estimated time to complete it. But in batch systems the processor knows how long the job is as it is queued.

• Sharing of batch system for multiple users. • The idle time batch system is very less. • You can assign specific time for the batch jobs so when the computer is idle it starts processing the batch jobs i.e. At night or any free time. • The batch systems can manage large repeated work easily. Disadvantages of batch processing systems • Computer operators must be trained for using batch systems.

• It is difficult to debug batch systems. • Batch systems are sometime costly. • If some job takes too much time i.e. If error occurs in job then other jobs will wait for unknown time. Examples of batch systems 1. Payroll system Batch systems are ideal for making payrolls. The salaries of employees can be printed at the end of month by the batch systems.

So the statements can be made easy by using batch systems. Bank statements At the end of month the bank makes statements for each account holder. So these bank statements can be made easily by batch systems at the end of month.