Spore Force Save Mod Download

HACKER80 wrote:PLEASE HELP, I have Spore the full packet on steam. And many mods work. But the Dark Injection mod won't work complete. And the force save mod will not work at all. I try it on the galactic adventure data map but nothing happens. HACKER80 This is probably a late response, but it doesn't work.

Monstrance Spore force save mod download traininglivin. Mozilla Gretel Forcesave spore tutorial youtube. How to install spore dark injection _ no davoonline _ for both.

You'll have to nab the.package files off of someone with an origin or disc version. Steam updates spore differently unfortunately I already now that, I came with that idea.

Due to popular request i have created a mod which increases the amount of T3 planets you have. Due to the fact that everyone would want something different i have created 5 version, all ranging from doubling the amount of T3 planets to making 19 in 20 planets T3 with no life.


All of these files are in the same zip folder so just un-zip and choose what you want! More T3 Lite - increases both T2 and T3 by 100% More T3 x2 - Increase both T2 and T3 by a factor of 6 More T3 x3 - Increase both T2 and T3 by a factor of 18 More T3 x4 - Increase both T2 and T3 by a factor of 40 More T3 Ultimate - All factors are reduced to 1 except T3 which is given a factor of 20.