Dft Windows Installer For Htc Hd2 Free Download


DFT UltraFruit Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Build 7740 for HTC. CHS CHT Check that before installation Problems during install. You are free to distribe this ROM, but only WITH LINK to official source. Download links.

Please Do Not Modify/Rename/Delete Any Files From The Program Files Directory! Doing So Might Brick Your Device!!! Hello XDA Users / HD2 Owners, This is an All in One Toolkit for HTC HD2 NAND Users.

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The main purpose of this toolkit is to simplify many complex tools/ guides which are difficult or unsafe to use. As we all know that HD2 has got a powerful hardware base, but the pre-packed Windows Mobile operating system just ruins all the fun of having a device with high specs. So, developers on XDA like codesmith and Cotulla have created alternative bootloaders which can load Android kernels so that we can use Google’s Android operating system on our devices.

This tool will help you install those bootloaders, and also do many other customization/modding works easily from one control panel. Here are the main features of the Toolkit: Simplifies Installation of cLK and MAGLDR (Android Bootloaders) Simplifies Installing Roms, Radios, SPL’s and other things by letting you install NBH Files with one click Makes it easier to Re-Partition your Android Phone Makes it easier to install Reicvery Automates process of flashing NBH Files Well, those were just the main highlights of the tool. There are a lots of other numerous features that will let you easily do many complex stuff. After lots of nights without sleep and red eyes, i have finally made this small piece of software able to do most things that a normal HD2 NAND Android would want to do easily. Current Version: Current Recovery Version: Last Update: 6/15/2011 Latest HighLights Installer Express Mode – Express Mode enables you to automatically do a lots of stuff automatically.

Just check the Express Tools button and try to use the features mentioned on the msgbox NBH File Handler – Easily install nbh files by just opening it like a normal file About The Software Hd2 Toolkit is the result of a lots of nights of work with help from recognized developers such as arif-ali, seadersn and others. I have tried my best to make the software as user friendly and powerful as possible. I really appreciate the fact that you guys are using and loving this little software i made. At first, i made a tool that was intended to make it easier to repartition MAGLDR bootloader. Then gradually you guys started using it and started suggesting more and more features which i implemented as soon as i could. Version after version, i started to add new new features you guys suggested and soon i changed the name to ClockworkMod Installer. After few versions of developement, and bug reporting from T-Macgnolia, i finally added support for cLK bootloader.

Then after adding a lot more features you guys suggested, i changed the name again, and this time to a name that makes broader sense, HD2 Toolkit. In these words manga elektronnaya versiya. I will keep on updating this tool as frequently as i can. I hope you guys will like this tool.

Any suggestions, comments, questions, bug reports or anything related to this tool are welcome. Thanks to mods who made this post a sticky General Info 1) MAGLDR Repartition – This option will completely erase all your files and data on your device and change the system partition size to the one you choose. Use this option if you get no memory left error or if you need to change partitions to use new rom. 2) MAGLDR Recovery Update – This will update your recovery from older version to newer version in MAGLDR without deleting any data or changing partitions. Use the first option if you get no memory left error. Your phone needs to be powered on, connected, usb debugging enabled and in android to use this option.