Chertezhi Torgovih Centrov

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Church of St. Michael and Fedir in Chernihiv Chernihiv's architectural monuments chronicle two most flourishing periods in the city's history - those of (11th and 12th centuries) and of the (late 17th and early 18th centuries.) The oldest church in the city and one of the oldest churches in Ukraine is the 5-domed, commissioned in the early 1030s by and completed several decades later by his brother,.

The Cathedral of Sts, dating from the mid-12th century, was much rebuilt in succeeding periods, before being restored to its original shape in the 20th century. Likewise built in brick, it has a single dome and six pillars. The crowning achievement of Chernihiv masters was the exquisite, constructed at the turn of the 12th and 13th centuries.

This graceful building was seriously damaged in the; its original medieval outlook was reconstructed to a design. The earliest residential buildings in the downtown date from the late 17th century, a period when a Cossack regiment was deployed there. Two most representative residences are those of Lyzohub (1690s) and Polubutok (18th century).

The former mansion, popularly known as the House, used to contain the regiment's chancellery. One of the most profusely decorated Cossack structures is undoubtedly the ecclesiastical, surmounted by a (1702). The archbishop's residence was constructed nearby in the 1780s. St Catherine Church (1715), with its 5 gilded pear domes, traditional for Ukrainian architecture, is thought to have been intended as a memorial to the regiment's exploits during the storm of in 1696.

Monasteries [ ]. Trinity Monastery in Chernihiv All through the most trying periods of its history, Chernihiv retained its importance as the seat of bishopric or archbishopric. At the outskirts of the modern city lie two ancient, formerly used as the bishops' residences. The caves of the Eletsky Monastery are said to predate those of the (Kiev Monastery of the Caves). Its magnificent 6-pillared cathedral was erected at the turn of the 11th and 12th centuries; some traces of its 750-year-old murals may still be seen in the interior. After the domes collapsed in 1611, they were augmented and reconstructed in the style. The wall,, and bell-tower all date from the 17th century.

The nearby mother superior's house is thought to be the oldest residential building in the. The cloister's holiest used to be that of, who made her epiphany to on 6 February 1060. The icon, called Eletskaya after the wood it was painted upon, was taken to by Svyatoslav's descendants, the Baryatinsky family, in 1579. The nearby cave monastery of Saint Elijah and features a small eponymous, which was constructed 800 years ago. The roomy, one of the most imposing monuments of the, was erected between 1679 and 1689. Its refectory, with the adjoining church of Presentation to the Temple, was finished by 1679.

There are also the 17th-century towered walls,, and the five-tiered belfry from the 1780s. Other historic abbeys may be visited in the vicinity of Chernihiv; those in and contain superb samples of. Climate [ ] Chernihiv has a ( Dfb) with cold, cloudy and snowy winters, and warm, sunny summers. The average annual temperature for Chernihiv is 7.0 °C (44.6 °F), ranging from a low of −5.6 °C (21.9 °F) in January to a high of 19.5 °C (67.1 °F) in July. Precipitation is well distributed throughout the year though precipitation is higher during the summer months and lower during the winter months.

Chertezhi Torgovih Centrov

The record high was 39.0 °C (102.2 °F) and the record low was −36.0 °C (−32.8 °F). Chernihiv panorama from Notable people [ ] •, Russian-American mathematician born in Chernihiv •, •, scientist and general •, leader and diplomat •, keyboardist for the Extreme Power Metal band •, Polish-Ukrainian sculptor born in Chernihiv • (born 1946), Israeli Olympic weightlifter •, Ukrainian footballer raised in Chernihiv who played for and now plays for •, footballer International relations [ ] Twin towns - Sister cities [ ] Chernihiv is currently with: •, •,, •, •, •, •, •, •, References [ ] Bibliography [ ].

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