Spavn Menyu Dlya Op 2 Patch 2 09

Sep 30, 2015 - The latest update includes an optional launcher. Set health (1-100 HP), restore hunger; Set spawn position & teleport there. A pop-up menu will appear on the screen and from there you can select. In this case I selected an area of 2×5 blocks using the wand and then. December 26, 2018 at 9:55 pm. May 5, 2015 - The menu is based/inspired by 'Console Trainer V' by Evil Blunt. -Spawn any model in the game to be your bodyguard(s). Fixed menu opening with controller. Last Updated: June 09, 2015. Please update it add dlc cars etc. September 24, 2018. Fdef92 1984 1994 lancia thema turbo 2.

7 March We are excited to announce that an early iteration of the 1.3 update has come to our Community Test Branch. Servers will be up all weekend, starting from Thursday, March 7th at 9 PM EST (-5 GMT). We hope to see you all there! Here’s an overview of what you can expect from the CTB this week: Additions since previous 1.3 CTB: • New weapon: RP-46 Available to PAVN machine gunners, this newly-added Light Machine Gun, (7.62x54mm), the Russian RP-46 Degtyaryov Machine Gun is the final evolution of the series that began life as the DP-26. Download software tv tuner epro. This version was adopted in 1946 and is essentially a WW2 era DP-28 with the addition of a belt feed and heavier barrel for longer sustained firing time. • MAS-49 Grenade Launcher and Model Changes You spoke and we listened!

Following feedback from the previous round of Community Testing, we have made the following changes to the MAS-49: • The pitch limitations, when deployed, have been reworked to make the MAS-49 GL more user friendly to aim • The rifle grenade blast radius has been increased by approx 2 metres • The grenade loading animation has been slightly sped up • The iron sights on all variants of the MAS-49 have been modified to make the outer ring thinner and increase the aperture, improving visibility when aiming down sights For additional changes check out. Update 12 - Rearmed and Remastered With this, the 12th free content update in 18 months, we are bringing you a long list of performance improvements, audio occlusion, new weapons for the North Vietnamese forces, new maps, new heads - and a specific community request. New weapons for the North Vietnamese: • MP40 - the famous German sub-machine gun from WW2, issued to the NLF from Soviet stockpiles of captured weapons.


• 200-round belt for the RPD - this new variant will be selectable from the Role Select menu. • Deployable DShK - players on the North Vietnamese team will be able to pick up a DShK 12.7mm heavy machine-gun from a resupply point, carry it to a new location and deploy it wherever they need it. • Fougasse mine - a new trap for the Northern Sappers to use, this is basically a large improvised explosive device, detonated unwary Southern players standing on a pressure plate New weapon for the Southern forces: • The M2 Browning.50-caliber heavy machine gun will appear as a static support weapon in the new maps. Performance improvements:A considerable number of performance improvements have been implemented for this update, to player characters, particle effects, level optimizations, changes to the Instanced Rendering system, a new set of weapon LODs and a set of changes to textures, with an emphasis on improving how texture streaming is handled.

New maps:This update marks the release of two ‘remasters’ of fan-favourite Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm maps, taking them from their original settings and into the war-torn jungles of Vietnam: • Mekong (remastered from 'Hanto') - the NLF, fighting their way through the jungle to a US Marine Corps base. • Dong Ha (remastered from 'Guadalcanal') - a night-time assault by the NLF, through the jungle, against the outskirts of an airbase defended by the US Army. Audio Occlusion:We have implemented a new system where gunshots and other ingame sounds are appropriately affected by their environment. This does not apply to all sounds in the game, but will affect any sound loud enough to be heard through walls, and be muffled/occluded by obstacles such as buildings or terrain. 6 new heads:For a little more variety, we are providing you with 3 new heads for the North Vietnamese, plus 3 for the US Army and Marine Corps. The 3 US heads represent the diverse ethnicity of the US forces of the period, with one being Hispanic, one Native American and one Asian. And last, but by no means least, cinematics for the conclusion of a campaign!After we released the Multiplayer Campaign update, players requested suitable cinematic sequences for the end of a Campaign.