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Sep 12, 2013  What does a score of 80 mean on a Ki67 test? Asked by Misty on Thursday, September 12, 2013 A friend just got her path report and has asked me what an 80 score means on a Ki67 test.

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What does a score of 80 mean on a Ki67 test? A friend just got her path report and has asked me what an 80 score means on a Ki67 test. I've never heard of this test. Can anyone explain to me what the test is and what she should know about it? She's also Her2 positive.

Had a bilateral a little over a week ago and does not want radiation or chemo. She's Stage 3.

I recommended that she join our group here and I'm sure she will be doing it shortly. In the meantime, I really want to offer her more help than I can give regarding this Ki67 test. Any suggestions/answers? My surgeon explained that it measures the aggressiveness of the tumor's growth. Unfortunately, mine was 97, which was the highest my surgeon had ever seen.

Therefore, even though I was only stage 1, I had a unilateral mastectomy just 3 days later, followed by four AC chemo treatments every three weeks and 12 weekly taxol treatments. Mine was triple negative. I just wanted to do whatever they said gave me the best chance of getting any stray cells, and all on my team recommended the chemo.

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