V Kejptaunskom Portu Noti

In the Cape Town port 2. City folklore performed by popular bards. This album is the second in a series representing songs “of city folklore”. The songs sounding on this disk, are sung by bards in that way, which has remained in their memory.

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Camp songs and songs of Odessa, household songs and domestic songs - altogether these songs became that soil on which subsequently there became Okudzhava, Vysotsky, Vizbor, Galich and others. Etap na sever ( Viktor Gagin, Ryzhov Serezha) 2. Zhuravli nad Kolymoj (Anatolij Kolmykov) 3. Na materik (Aleksandr Gorodnitskij) 4. Posedevshaja ljubov moja (Vilkov Aleksandr) 5. Lesbijskaja svadba (Natalja Dudkina) 6. Nado mnoju voron (Anatolij Kolmykov) 7.

More beloe — vodnaja shir (Viktor Gagin) 8. V obschem stroe (Viktor Gagin, Ryzhov Serezha) 9. Vaninskij port (Vadim Mischuk, Valerij Mischuk) 10. Chernyj voron (Natalja Dudkina) 11.


Sredi bela dnja (Anatolij Kolmykov) 12. Juzhnoe foto (Ryzhov Serezha) 13. Doroga (Anatolij Kolmykov, Igor Lunkov) 14. Dalnjaja doroga (Evgenij Matveev, Galina Matveeva) 15. Magadan (Anatolij Kolmykov, Igor Lunkov) 16.

Po tundre (Anatolij Kolmykov).