Unraid Serial Crack

UnRAID licenses are tied to a name and a flash drive. That means that if anyone wanted to sell you their key, they would have to mail you the physical flash drive, and their name would remain on it.

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By doing this you are essentially forfeiting any official LimeTech support, as you would have no way to prove that you actually bought the software. In short, I recommend against this. Ahh, I didn't realize this. $120 for a Pro key is out of my budget Maybe if someone purchased a 2 pack and didn't get the 2nd key yet it might work for me that way.

Their name would likely still be on the Key though. I'm not going to steal it, I'm going to by it from someone else who has already purchased a 2-pack and isn't using their other key. Lime has already made their money on that purchase. This mentality seriously bothers me.

Limetech made their money on a person buying a Pro key + a Backup key for themselves ($119+30). Sony handycam dcr trv140e driver windows 7 64. The full cost of a single pro key itself is $119, you're trying to pay $75 for it. There's no argument here. Listen to the others, buy a plus license then upgrade later when you're ready ($9 isn't much). Nothing wrong with people trying to get the best deal on a product, Sheesh.

Drealit, the movie industry also expects you to see the movie in a theater or buy the DVD for $15, not rent it for $1 from a RedBox. I hope you never rent your movies. Superorb, I guess the best route is to find a friend who wants to use unraid as well and go in with them on a dual key for a deal. Asking here just gets all the fanboys to post flaming responses on how you are ripping off people by seeking a deal you feel is more worth your money. I think it is a bad idea anyway. The only way Lime makes any money is selling keys. They make a great product.

Support it by buying your key from them., otherwise we may never get a final 5.0 release. Judging by the number of builds in the OCD forum, suffice to say, money is being made off of a good slew of Plus and Pro keys (many Pro in fact). Another thing to keep in mind. There are those that purchase a 2 pack with the explicit intent on selling the 2nd, or was my case, giving it to a friend. I wanted Pro, heck, perhaps even needed Pro, but, needing two?

Seemed a stretch considering I have 40TB capability with my current build. Ohh, perhaps in time yes, and when that time comes, I'll buy yet another 2 pack. As it's simply the most cost efficient route to take. Just as we all skim the 'Good Deals' forum, we're always looking for the better deal. I see no shame in it.

If doing it this way hinders the release of 5.0, something that as far as I have seen has been in the works for at least a year. Considering in the past 3 months I can count at least 10 pro keys having been sold (unless people pimping are lying), netting $1200, or $1500 if they purchased 2 packs (would have been the wise route imo). That's not counting those that got the Plus, nor is it taking into consideration those that purchased another since their initial builds much less those that simply don't 'pimp' at all. The support on these forums is just too superior for me to have considered anything else -- which, I did, when I was first in the market, UNTIL, I saw the support here --- truth be told, unRAID is a fine piece of software, it's the support that sold me.


So thanks goes to the moderators AND 'users' alike that made this place so welcoming. (I do wish a P+Q parity became the priority since all the other features, including but not limited to 3TB drive support is rendered completely useless should we lose a parity drive and/or lose a data drive at the same time OR when rebuilding the parity --- food for thought as I cannot believe it's not THE top priority feature being discussed).