Uchimsya Chitatj Slogi Onlajn Besplatno

Jul 04, 2016  Shubh Laxmi Yojana in Rajasthan. Shubh Laxmi Yojana in Rajasthan. By Vaibhav Bijwe July 4, 2016, 3:54 pm 1.6k Views. For the encouragement of girl childbirth and reducing the death rate of girls and mother in the state, and just to make sure that there is no discrimination with the gender of the child this scheme has been started. The largest self-publishing literary marketplace. Thousands of books for free.

The Mazal family Mahmoud, 49, and Hadil, 32, are both nurses by profession and have three sons, Yazan, Adam and Amari. Hadil works at the Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya, while Mahmoud works for the National Insurance Institute and Clalit Health Services. 'In 1994, someone from the kibbutz studied with me and after college, I went to live on the kibbutz until 2000. The decision to become members was made after the children were born,' said Mahmoud. 'My father actually grew up on a kibbutz from age 10 as an adopted child of a Polish family on Kibbutz Matzuva and to this day he is known by the name Asher. He was a shepherd for the kibbutz and lived there until he was 30.


Our decision to move to the kibbutz was completely accepted by our families and my mother even congratulated us. We are totally involved in kibbutz life.' Mahmoud's first project for the kibbutz was the establishment of an emergency medical center staffed by doctors and nurses, including him and his wife. Hadil also took a project upon herself and established a recreation center for kids and their parents.

'We believe in coexistence, love the sense of togetherness and the level of love, warmth and compassion. Our grandparents always supported kibbutzim in the area and the village always had a connection with them, even supplying flour and food,' said Mahmoud. According to Hadil and Mahmoud, there is no disputing that the kibbutz provides s level of education and quality of life that their village did not. 'There is a pool here, a gym, friendlinessm, support to mothers, peace of mind, communal meals on Friday nights and most importantly, accepting others as people,' said the couple. David Shteft, the kibbutz secretary, said that the couple successfully passed all the criteria.

'We have 114 plots of land for those who wish to be accepted into full membership, and to date, we have absorbed 50 families from all over the country.' Download full version free pc games.