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At the beginning of 2017 the torrent landscape looks quite different from a year ago. Free download program google earth plus 4372843916 full patch free. Update: List of top is now out. With the shutdown of KickassTorrents and, two of the largest players in the scene disappeared. However, their places were quickly filled by established sites and a few new faces.

The Pirate Bay is in the lead once again, closely followed by ExtraTorrent and RARBG, which gained many new visitors in recent months. Must read: The unofficial Torrentz reincarnation is the highest newcomer in fifth place.

This meta-search engine copied the look and feel of the defunct meta-search engine and covers dozens of extra sites compared to its predecessor. TorrentProject is also doing well.

The site has been around for quite a few years already but never made it into the top ten before. Finally, and also deserve a mention. Both have enough traffic to warrant a listing, but we chose to limit the list to sites that are targeted at mainstream content for an English or international audience. Below is the full list of the ten most-visited torrent sites at the start of the new year. The list is based on various traffic reports and we display the Alexa rank for each. In addition, we include last year’s ranking.

Most Popular Torrent Sites 1. The Pirate Bay is the “king of torrents” once again and also the oldest site in this list. The past year has been relatively quiet for the notorious torrent site, which is currently operating from its domain name.

There are dozens of torrent site engines online today but to attract our attention new entrants have to stand out from the crowd by doing things somewhat differently. Strike has only been online for a few days but it certainly fits that billing in a number of ways, despite its plain appearance.

Indexing Firstly, and in common with many other sites, Strike indexes public torrents. Creator informs TorrentFreak that his engine indexes all available public trackers, which is clearly a good start for a site of this type. However, Strike boosts its indexes by also scraping BitTorrent’s Distributed Hash Table. DHT search engines have but as far as we know, Strike is the first site to utilize both sets of resources. We have covered in the past, but Sampson offers a quick refresher. “DHT basically is a second P2P protocol aiming to replace trackers.

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It stores pairs of info hashes and updates the swarm if it receives announce messages. Free antares auto tune efx rtas crack free and software. When it comes to DHT every [torrent] client is announcing themselves as being present. Because of this I’m able to scrape millions of torrents in a decentralized manner; not having to rely on trackers themselves,” the dev told TF.