Star Pravah Serial Shivaji Maharaj

Great work by Nitin Chandrakant Desai, Dr Amol Kolhe, Yatin Karyekar and all others who gave the viewers a memorable journey of their beloved Maharaj who is ruling their hearts even after 325 years. Justice done to Babasaheb's book and other historians' work. A good work which will give the direction to viewers and should be repeated on prim time. The divine work done by the producers which will be one of the most important work done during their life time.

Sets gave the feeling of real palaces, costumes were to the mark and also casting. This serial gave the opportunity to Marathi Producer/ Director to show the world that they are as good as any one.

Contents • • • • Films [ ] Name of the film Year Film Company Language Cast and Crew Notes Sinhagad 1923 Cast-,. Director-Baburao Painter Sinhagad proved so popular that it attracted the Revenue Department's attention to bring about introduction of. 1924 Maharashtra Film Company Silent film, Baburao Painter, Director-Baburao Painter Together, Sinhagad and Kalyan Khajina won a medal at the, London. One newspaper, Daily Express, described the films as full of strangely wistful beauty, and acted with extraordinary grace.

Chhatrapati Sambhaji 1925 Silent film Cast. Director- 1927 Maharashtra Film Company Silent film Cast-Ansuya,,, Director-V. Shantaram, k.dhaiber Thoratanchi Kamala 1927 United Pictures Syndicate Silent film Director- Ganimi Kawa 1928 Aryan Film Co. Silent film Cast-, Amboo (), P.

Director-Narayanrao D. Sarpotdar Bajiprabhu Deshpande 1929 Maharashtra Film Company Silent film Director-Baburao Painter 1930 Silent film Cast-V.Shantaram Director-V.Shantaram The original title of the film was Swarajya Toran (the flag of freedom) and the film was about Shivaji Maratha's fight against the Mughal rulers.

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Both these facts drew censorship – the title had to be changed and the story was frowned upon. 's call for Civil Disobedience, the Dandi March against the Salt Law formed the political background of the period and the colonial government saw in the film an endorsement of the Mahatma's actions.

Bhawani Talwar 1931 Aryan Film Co. Silent film Director-Narayanrao D. Sarpotdar 1932 Marathi Director-V. Shantaram Based on Hari Narayan Apte's novel Gad Aala Pan Sinha Gela.

Chatrapati Sambhaji 1934 Marathi Cast-Master Vithal, director- Parshwanath Yeshwant Altekar Shakakarta Shivaji 1934 Shri Jaidevi Cinetone Company Marathi Directed by Nagendra Majumdar, starring Madhav Kale,Muzumdar, Athavale, Madhukar Gupte, B. Apte, Master Amritlal, Master Umesh, Gohar Karnataki, Indira Wadkar Sant Tukaram 1936 Prabhat Film Company Marathi Cast – Vishnupant Pagnis as Tukaram, Gauri as Jijai, B.

Nandrekar, Shankar Kulkarni, Kusum Bhagwat, Shanta Majumdar, Master Chhotu, Pandit Damle Director – Visnhupant Damle,S Fatelal The film was screened at the 1937 and was the first Indian film to get a screening at an international film festival. The film was adjudged as one of the three best films of the year in the World, the other two being Maria Nover of Hungary and Flying Doctor from Australia. Swarajya Seemevar 1937 Marathi, starring Col. Nanasaheb Hungle, Kumar Dilip, Nanasaheb Phatak, Shankarrao Bhonsale, Jayshree Ghorpade, Master Suresh, Dinkar Kamhana, Raja Pandit, Samar Director-, Story, Screenplay, Dialogues and Lyrics by Bhalji Pendharkar, Music by Dada Chandekar Baji Prabhu Deshpande 1939 Maharashtra Pictures Marathi Netaji Palkar 1939 Marathi Cast-Lalita pawar,Master Vithal, Bhalji Pendharkar Director-Bhalji Pendharkar Bhagwa Zhenda 1939 Saraswati Cinetone Marathi Raigad 1940 Marathi N. Deware Main Cast: Pramod Pawar, Shashank Udapurkar. () Thoratanchi Kamala 1941 Famous Arun Chitra Marathi Cast- Chandrakant, Sumati Gupta, Nanasaheb Phatak Director- Bhalji Pendharkar Bahirji Naik 1943 Marathi Cast- Suryakant, Master Vithal Director- Bhalji Pendharkar Jai Bhawani 1947 Prabhakar Chitra Marathi Cast- Suryakant, Master vithal.