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Useful site, thx! It should be noted cosmetic filters don't enhance speed in any way, they just adds overhead. Especially generic cosmetic rule is bad performance wise. The number of rules doesn't necessarily reflect overhead i.e. 10 specific rules can be faster than 1 generic rule. Also regular expression should be avoided as much as possible. Cara membuka file zip yang terkunci dengan android. Tho uBlock has options to disable cosmetic filter or only generic, I personally use 'Easylist without element hiding rules' filter, as Easylist include many cosmetic while other filters I subscribe don't.

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Needless to say, the best way is default-deny and I do it too. Click to expand.If you set up Pi-hole, all the work is done in a Raspberry Pi used as a local DNS server on a LAN and the client computers with their browsers and adblocking will get almost no work. I've got one on my LAN but the actual black holing is done in the cloud on a VPS running Unbound with a modified version of Pi-hole that updates its lists with a crontab once every 24 hours. Running a local caching DNS server will not just speed things up by blocking ads, it will gain much more speed by reducing the latency of most DNS queries from several hundred milliseconds to under 10. Linux is a wonderful thing.

Filter for version: This is a list of most types that Skript uses (types that are not listed are not needed by the user). A type is a kind of object, e.g.

May 9, 2014 - Check if you have only one Adblocker enabled. (Adblock, Adblock Plus or uBlock Origin); Check if the script manager is enabled.


Player, number, or text. Many types can be used as command arguments (‘’, e.g. ) and almost all types can be used as (‘loop-type’, e.g. The patterns listed for each type below reference to this. The usage listed above the patterns for each type describe how you can define an instance of the type in a script, e.g.

How to include text properly or how to write a number. The usage does usually not include any that represent an instance of the type, e.g. Cannot be defined in a script, but you can use one of the many to get a block.

Represents a single slot of an. Notable slots are the. The most important property that distinguishes a slot from an is its ability to be changed, e.g. It can be set, deleted, enchanted, etc. (Some item expressions can be changed as well, e.g. Items stored in variables.

Speaking of which: slots are never saved to variables, only the items they represent at the time when the variable is set). Please note that the is a slot, but it can actually change its position, i.e. Doesn't always represent the same slot. An item, e.g. A stack of torches, a furnace, or a wooden sword of sharpness 2.

Unlike an item can only represent exactly one item (e.g. An upside-down cobblestone stair facing west), while an item type can represent a whole range of items (e.g.