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Information about distribution: Graduation Year: 2013 Platform: XBox360 Developer: Microsoft Publishing house: Microsoft Genre: DLC Insertion: / XUID profile in hand: 991155 Description: A lot of clothes and items for your avatar! The distribution also included an online profile 1 ~~~ X360Club Player ~~~ 1 and the necessary utilities ( Pre-advised to make a copy of your profile, which would be the case that it was possible to restore it!) 1.

360mpGui - For redoing your offline profile online (it is strongly advised to make a backup (copy) Profile 2. Horizon - To transfer your profile to box and back, well, or a profile distribution 3. Le Fluffie - To change the profile of the console id hand console id in your box) - without redoing the profile distribution in this prog, it will work on your boxing WILL NOT! Yaris Swap - For quick and easy sign (under your profile) and the transfer of belongings in the box by FTP.) Profile of distribution (folder E0004D) filled up into Hdd1 / Content!

Erazz94 29.03.17 13:22 comment3, skachat_gorko_2_2013_v_khoroshem_kachestve_s. Welcome to Tanki Online — the first multiplayer browser 3D-action! Come join us in furious battles — destroy enemy tanks, help your team, improve your tank and skills, and make your own military career!

If your profile has XUID (instead of zeros there id normal), no manipulation of the profile do not! Just zakidyvayte clothes through FTP (Yaris Swap) well, or a patch of known methods (Avatar Friday Patcher, etc.)! 100 times think before you do something with my profile. If you do not know the basics fributa config profile and is better for it did not grasp! Profile of depravity I am not responsible! 80's Modern A World of Keflings adidas NEO adidas Originals adidas Performance Alan Wake Alan Wake's American Nightmare Aliens All Zombies Must Die!

Turn the box, waiting for loading FSD, or what not to do, we go for the PC 1. Click on the large black rectangle and specify which houses our profile. You just show it XUID, console ID, and even a profile picture. The configuration is stored under 'A', for example.

And close this window. Now, all manipulations will be held in the main window 1. Load the Old profile with pre-saved configuration. In this case, 'A'. In id Functions should write to you, too, that in a small window 2. In the fields enter ftp ip box, login and password (xbox), check (test) 3.

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Choose a folder with my gear (in this case, AC3) in a large box below, they should all progruz. Unch na 6p3s i 6n8s my account. Ticked off on the screenshot 5. Click on the pink rectangle all sending gone. Check your console id you can run through your profile through the Yaris Swap (the first screen, and then there's just copy it) Le Fluffie open and immediately close the annoying update window. We specify where lies the profile of hand and you immediately open the main window of the program. Click the Security tab 2.

Click the tab id's 3. Remove from the indication of the field (on the screenshot №3) value and paste your copied console id in the early Yaris Swap 1.

Click the General tab 2. Now press the button FIX All the profile of the distribution is signed by your console. You can easily transfer it to your Horizon'om box by copying the stick.

What is it and why is it necessary? Why not throw in the armor offline profile?In general, so we're supposed to buy these clothes XBOX LIVE, and the editor of avatars at the opening of such details would say only, 'That's so cool Run XL Regal blabalbal not downloaded from zavisimmoitemization, after redoing your profile online, you can easily see and select whatever you like, because you allegedly signed in XL (ONLINE is not working and will not work! TK console immediately get banned, and if you try to go with an online profile Console only say that she pull the plug They were not given access to the Internet regardless of whether there is or not because the prohibition is registered in the connection config fributa So, let's begin ----------------- Open the program Click on the tab off - 2 online profile and see a window as the screenshot 1.