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Jun 15, 2017 - you can use this to sketch skin Ideas on any Art program, you can get the Adobe Flash CS6 file for a Vector version on the Downloadable. The AWP Sniper Rifle is one of the most popular guns in CS:GO, and it comes with a bunch of great skins. The AWP has some of the rarest and most expensive skins, but also some of the coolest looking. Here are the top 5 best AWP skins in CS:GO. AWP Dragon Lore The [].

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Contents [] Overview The Accuracy International Arctic Warfare series is a series of sniper rifles manufactured by Accuracy International of United Kingdom. The Arctic Warfare Police is the law enforcement variant of the series, commonly chambered for 7.62×51mm NATO. The Magnum Sniper Rifle depicted in Counter-Strike is based on the Arctic Warfare Magnum, chambered for.338 Lapua Magnum. The AWP in Global Offensive is based off the original Arctic Warfare. In-game, the AWP is a high-powered bolt-action sniper rifle available to both teams, with a 10-round magazine capacity. The AWP is not available for the to purchase in. They can, however, get them from fallen Terrorists.


It is a devastatingly powerful long-range weapon, with extreme accuracy and obscene stopping power. However, its high price tag and cumbersome playstyle requires massive amounts of training, practice, accuracy and experience to master its usage. When not scoped in, the rifle is very inaccurate and has no crosshair to assist aiming. The scope can be used with secondary fire, and pressing secondary fire again while scoped in zooms in the scope.

The player's movement speed is reduced while scoped in. Firing the weapon causes the player to leave the scope temporarily to operate the bolt before automatically scoping in again. The player will leave the scope if they use secondary fire again at the higher zoom setting or switches weapons. When zoomed in and not moving, the rifle has a near-perfect accuracy, able to hit anything as long as the crosshair of the scope is on target.

Moving drastically reduces accuracy, and even more so with jumping. It boasts an exceedingly high damage value, and is a source of much of its infamy. It is able to one-shot kill enemies with one hit to anywhere bar the legs, regardless of. The is the only player character who can survive a single body shot from the AWP because his armor can absorb 200 damage. However, a can still kill the VIP instantly.

It also has a very high penetration power, and its high base damage makes it a solid weapon for wallbanging. However, where the AWP excels in accuracy and power, it suffers in general handling.

The weapon has terrible accuracy when not using the scope or firing while moving, so the user must be aiming down sights AND immobile at all times to remain competitive. Because the weapon is bolt-action, it also results in a very low rate of fire. The AWP slows players down considerably, particularly in Global Offensive, making it unwieldy at closer ranges. It is also less accurate if fired right after cycling the bolt in Source and Global Offensive, and has a moderately long reload time in these games. The last major downside is the weapon's very expensive price tag, one of the most expensive in the game. In older games, the.338 Lapua Magnum used by the AWP is the also most expensive ammunition in-game, at $125 per magazine.

In addition, it has a reduced kill reward in Global Offensive, further hampering the economic ability of the team using it. Drivers Enormous quantities of skill and team coordination are needed to use the AWP effectively, so its user doesn't become an economic load and drag down the whole team, or even getting killed and letting the enemy claim a free AWP. Additionally, the AWP's sound signature is extremely loud and distinct when fired, making it easy for enemy players to single out an AWP player in the vicinity and chance tactics accordingly. The AWP is only weapon in Counter-Strike with the ability to kill an armored teammate instantly with a headshot. In older games, bots equipped with an AWP always switch to their pistol after firing 5 rounds, no matter how many rounds are available in their weapons. Properties Primary Attack Unarmored Armored Head 459 448 Chest & Arm 115 112 Abdomen & Pelvis 143 140 Leg 85 85 Red signifies a fatal hit Tactics • Unlike other sniper rifles, instead of focusing on the, aim for the chest as much as possible. The chest presents a much larger target, and the damage done by an AWP shot is more than enough to kill the enemy in a single shot provided it did not hit the leg or an obstacle between the player and the enemy.