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Let me start out by saying that I have many detractors regarding this topic. Coffee and wine drinkers hate this argument and fight tooth and nail to protect their addictions. Here's how I feel about both. First off, caffeine and alcohol are both considered (by many experts) slow poisons that over time can cause many health issues down the line. Both form an acidic environment in the body which can lead to heart disease, inflammation, arthritis, diabetes and major digestive issues. Some early studies are showing a possible link to various cancers as well. Both wreak havoc on your blood sugar and how it's regulated.

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Caffeine taxes the adrenal glands which is responsible for regulating your hormones. It puts the body into a fight or flight mode (all the time) which can cause longterm ill-health effects and difficulty with weight loss. It also stimulates our central nervous system which can affect perception, moods and behavior. Although it does increase the 'feel-good' neurotransmitter dopamine when we drink it, over time you need more and more caffeine for the desired effect.

Dropping these two 'toxins' will help you find your natural energy without a dependence on anything outside of food to get energy or relax. Removing both will help you to have deeper and more restful sleep. When we drink alcohol we rarely go into REM sleep, which means our bodies don't get the healing recovery rest that we need. Over time, it also depletes serotonin in our bodies, which can then cause depression, mood swings and other issues related to low serotonin. Drinking also affects our neurotransmitters in our brain, thinking patterns, memory and hormone regulation.

Not to mention what it does to the liver.I think you probably know that already! That's the first time I've ever heard those to described so clearly. Great info for those who have bought into the 'one glass of red wine a day is good for me' school of thought! Anonymous said. Thinking maybe one glass of red wine a day is still okay. I don't see excess in that regard.

Am I fighting this tooth and nail? Thanks for the information! I have never heard of this drink, until now. Better warn some girlfriends about it, to make sure their paying attention to what their young adult children may be drinking.

I can see many of them saying its just an energy drink, because there are so many on the market now days.and we wouldn't have a clue that it contained alcohol. Thanks for the post, Tony! However, I thought a little bit of caffeine in moderation can actually help with weight loss (Jillian Michaels school of thought?) - can you speak to that in more detail??? I can attest to that. Over the past month I have fallen back into old habits (caffeine) due to my wedding and honeymoon. I’ve felt tired and sluggish. I had more energy when I was eating right and not taking caffeine.

I’ll thankfully be getting back to that next Monday. I have taken caffeine in the past daily, before workouts, but would crash later in the day. I believe I get the same workout and better energy by just eating healthy.

Yes, I have been aware of these disadvantages to coffee and alchohol (my Chinese acupuncturist warned me years ago that 'coffee is poison!' However, aren't there also studies that have determined benefits for caffeine and red wine in moderation (e.g. Hard to strike a balance between these viewpoints. While I certainly feel the effects on my morning workout if I drink a glass of wine the night before, do you really believe that in concert with a healthy, balanced diet (top of Michi's ladder, e.g.), that 1 coffee/day and 1-3 glasses of wine/week are that toxic in the overall scheme of things?

I don't drink but I do have a cup of coffee in the morning. I don't even care if it has caffeine in it, I like the taste. Maybe I need to switch to de-caf.thanks Tony!

Now about sugar. I've been weening myself off Caffeine for weeks.

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Now as for booze, well, I like it too much. We all make choices.:) Anonymous said. Here's how I weened myself off caffeine. Crystal Light makes several flavors in various caffeine mixes. I bought a two week supply of each. Starting with either 'energy' or 'focus' depending on level of caffeine currently taking. At the end of two weeks drop down to the next level of flavor.

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