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Sort by: Rating 5.0 classic One word. Brilliance in its underground purist. Nice, old fashioned pop punk. Just like how momma used to make it. Bis bleeds the 90's like most pop punk bands of their time. Recommended to those who live/love the 90's, or to those who just enjoy upbeat music, with some dark undertones to it. Seriously one of the most underrated and under-appreciated mainstream rap albums of the early 2000's.

Dumpin' Psychopathic Rydas - Eat Shit N Die Psychopathic Rydas - Limited Edition EP Psychopathic Rydas - Ryden Dirtay Shaggy 2 Dope - F.T.F.O. Psychopathic Rydas Check Your Shit In Bitch! 01 Intro.mp3 2.62 MB 02 Time 2 Ride.mp3 5.35 MB 03 4 My Rydas.mp3 4.38 MB.

The production is amazing, the lyrics are catchy and personal, Bubba's flow is top notch. 'Deliverance' is just an amazing album all around. It's just a crying shame that he chose to abandon this style with the sellout nature of 'The Charm'. One of the most solid Japanese rock records of the 90s, IMO. Dark, frightening and definitely out there, this release by Japanese indie/experimental extraordinaires, Cali Gari, has ssomething that can appeal to almost anyone. With the funky bass licks of 'Tsukiyo no Yuuhodou', the dark and progressive sound of 'Yuganda Kagami', the new-wave garage sound of 'Sentimental', the dark and demented sound of '37564' and the ultra-indie/post punk sound of 'Yowamushi Kemushi', this release has something that can attract someone from almost every audience of the rock spectrum. This album is a compilation of early Cali Gari songs, along with newer material.

Basically, this is a way for Cali Gari's early material to be released on a mainstream market, and it is a lovely pursuit of Cali Gari nonetheless. Recommended to Cali Gari beginners, fans and even haters, as this CD could change your mind pretty rapidly. This is a perfect start into the minds of one of trip-hop's brightest shining stars, Cibo Matto. Ranging from chaos (Birthday Cake), to the chill (Know Your Chicken), this release is perfect and can satisfy the cravings of almost every trip-hop head. Their best release.

Nice, unnerving punk, that was clearly ahead of its time, even for a 90's release. Possibly the best Gackt album I've ever heard.

Mixing his symphonic sound with a more electronic sound this time around, it makes for an extremely enjoyable listen and definitely recommended to rock fans, not only of Japan, but to people who have an open mind when it comes to rock music as a whole. Possibly his best stuff since the 'MARS' days. Some nice, solid Japanese ska/punk. Definitely recommended to fans of Potshot and Japanese ska bands.

A J-pop/J-rock crossover classic. Globe keeps shining in their (then) young light, winning over many fans, and maintaining the ones they had previously. The English is a bit more apparent this time around, and adds to their unique, nostalgic formula. A superb release all around. That fuzziness, that levitating feeling, that strong shoegaze punch.


Without a doubt my favorite JOJ release, this album compilates some of their early demos that would only resurface for a brief time on their raw debut album 'Sexless Demons and Scars.' Combining extremely obscene hooks and topics with hypnotizingly catchy choruses and song structuring, this album will both satisfy longtime fans and win some new ones over along the way. Perhaps their finest songs recorded. The summer ('Kuu'), the winter ('Fu no Zenshin') and the spring ('Sora') are all featured here, making this an exceptional release and an all-year-round play! One of the best JPop albums, period. The pounding rhythms and Miho's carefree vocals make this album an unforgettable one.

The definite Morning Musume collection. This compilation features almost every MoMusu golden age song, from the beginning ('Ai no Tane', ironically put at the very end), to the recent [at the time] 'Ren'ai Revolution 21'. This album is an absolute 'Best Of' compilation, if there ever was one. Pick this up, and (if possible), pick up 'Best! Morning Musume 2' and you will pretty much have all the Morning Musume you need. Download andres segovia asturias pdf free.

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Indeed a classic. Their first, and possibly one of their best, releases to date. This smash debut album features classic hits, such as ', 'Ai no Tane', 'Summer Night Town' and of course, the breakthrough hit 'Morning Coffee'. This album features melodies and songs so catchy, that you can't shake them as hard as you may try. 'First Time' is Morning Musume's most innocent and solid releases to date.

Recommended to all J-pop fans around, both old and new. Classic Japanese punk, from the Japanese punk legends New Rote'ka.