Programma Dlya Rascheta Shesteren

Additional Information Weight 18.5 lbs SEAT DESCRIPTION The 10.5 cm seat depth, extremely soft seat and extra forward balance provides the rider complete support and comfort. TWIST The narrow twist allows the rider’s leg to fall and hang naturally providing close contact.

FEMALE DESIGN Includes extended stirrup bars for correct alignment, crotch comfort for pubic area comfort, and a wide seat to accommodate the female pelvis. PANEL The 3/4 independent shoulder relief system allows the horse complete freedom of movement. The independent panel allows the spine to move, bend and lift during collection. Igri udiviteljnij mir gampola koshmar iz holodiljnika. The sweat flap and panel are both cut away at the shoulder. BILLET SYSTEM The adjustable V-Webbing billet system allows for correct billet alignment and equal pull throughout the length of the tree.

THIGH BLOCKS The adjustable thigh blocks give the rider the flexibility to adjust the leg support to their personal preference. LEATHER Premium European Soft Leather, Buffalo, German COLOUR Black, Brown, 2-Toned Black & Brown SEAT SIZES 16.5″, 17.0″, 17.5″, 18.0″ FLAP Double, Mono. I just wanted to share with you my satisfaction with your product. In June of 2010, I had a heart attack. As I lay in the hospital, I reflected on my life. I decided that I wanted to fulfill my bucket list. I wanted to go camping with my horses and ride the trails.

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I also wanted the best, most comfortable saddle for my horse and myself. I had tried a number of different saddles Stubben, Barclay) over the years, but nothing fit my mutton withered, table backed, horse. He was cinchy and never seemed to be content. I tried a number of saddle fitters and saddles, and I thought I had done the best for my horse, but I had an underlying feeling that the saddle did not fit him. While I was recovering from my heart attack at home, I searched the internet and came upon your site. I found the Schleese videos very informative. I reviewed the videos for a number of days and continued to search the web.


The Schleese saddle made sense (the wide channel, cut back bars) and I loved the idea that the saddle could be adjusted with help from a trained saddle fitter. I contacted your company and weeks after my heart attack, a saddle fitter came to my farm. She was very considerate and in July of 2010, I bought a second hand Schleese Liberty saddle. In September of 2011, my husband and I, along with a group of older riders, went camping with our horses for a week in Algonquin Park.